New Torbjorn Shotgun vs. Reaper Shotgun!


Alright, here is the new Torbjorn shotgun vs Current Reaper’s shotgun:

Shotgun Reaper Torbjorn
Firing Speed .5 seconds .6 seconds
Damage per shot 140 125
Reload 1.5s 2.0s
Spread Angle 20.1° 2.075°

You read that right, Reaper’s shotguns will have OVER TEN TIMES MORE SPREAD THAN TORBJORN’S NEW SHOTGUN!

In fact, let’s compare his new spread angle of 2.075° to current heroes:

As you can see, Torbjörn’s new shotgun will even be extremely accurate compared to other heroes, but this is specifically bad for Reaper since Reaper has no ranged option.

I’m asking that for the time being you reduce Reaper’s spread a bit, even if just by 25% because if Torbjorn goes live without a substantial buff to Reaper’s shotguns then there will be practically zero reason to choose Reaper in the coming months.

It’s rather ridiculous that a character with a ranged projectile and shotgun got what will be one of the best shotguns in the game, but the shotgun hero is tied for worst.


their hasn’t been a reason to pick reaper since season 2 ended


I cry everytime you say it, Akira.


Meanwhile, I am over here praying that some of the heroes that you listed there, will get some sort of spread reduction.


Today is Reaper’s day of death.

3 of his counters buffed. And the changes we wanted (spread+armor dmg) were given to the dwarf.

Won’t be surprised if Reap is killed off for Halloween


nah reaper died a long time ago