New torb is so much better

I felt that the old turret didnt really work with his overhauled kit now that he was more active and less building focused, i find this akin to the mini sentry from tf2, it works much more with his new playstyle.

But if people think this is too powerful, maybe a clip nerf on the rivet gun could work.

I agree, but one thing I’d like to see changed; i think itd be interesting and better for him him, the farther away hisn2 turrets were from each other, the more health they’d have.

So, if they’re right next to each other they still have 150 each, but say they get like 15 extra health every 10 meters apart.

This way he could either stack or set them up for multiple lanes.

But I agree. I love this change. It actually makes torb feel more like a true area denial hero.

Symmetra is so much better too after they’ve nerfed her whole kit by 20% or more and just increased throw speed of turrets. Such thoughtful, logical and tangible changes the hero truly needed lol.