New torb is just a better roadhog now

I… don’t think these two will be fighting for the same spot, at all. They have completely different functions, the only similarity is a shotgun attack.

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both have CC ults but one has a good CC ult the other doesnt, one has a consistent shotgun with not much spread the other has a shotgun with a huge spread

I think they could be in direct competition with each other.

They have zoning ultimates, but the method of zoning is completely different. Roadhog is more about pushing enemies away, Torb is more about covering ground. Their shotguns are completely different, with Torb being more about conventional shotgunning while Roadhog’s is more a compliment to his hook-combo. You can’t really compare them unless you want to include every shotgunner into the discussion.

A DPS with an auto-aim turret as their main gimmick… is not competing with a tank with a grapple-into-death hook as their main gimmick. They will not be fighting for the same position but I would love to at least hear why you’d think that.

At most they might fight over their zone potential, but it’s hardly a direct competition when their methods of creating pressure are just totally different. Even if the two were at odds with each other, their kits are so different that it would be very dependent on your comp, the enemy comp, and the map before it would be a direct comparison of the two.


Newbjorn’s overload will let him enforce areas. His turret and rivet gun give him versatile range and constantly pressure the enemy team with damage. The turret also acts as an anti-mobility hero tool. Like Roadhog, he’ll spend most of the match behind cover or a barrier, but unlike Roadhog, he doesn’t feed like an all you can eat buffet when he does get aggressive.
All he lacks is a kill combo, but I don’t think he needs it.

Molten core will charge faster than before and provides better area denial and lethality than Whole Hog.

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They’ll both be anti dive, their ultimates will zone and they are both shield breakers. Virtually the same character.

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to be fair roadhog is meant to be anti dive while torb actually will be anti dive

Torbjorn does not have self-healing, does not have nearly as much hitpoints as Roadhog, and most importantly, does not have a stun.

He cannot stop enemies from shooting. He cannot interrupt channels. He cannot take an enemy who was in position, and pull them to a place where they are out of position.

They are different heroes.

That is true but torb is going to be so much better than hog

Hog is a unkillable monster, having a slightly better shotgun doesn’t even get close to that.

its not exactly slightly better its a lot better and you are forgetting about his much lower hitbox than hog’s and his 150 armour(plus 30% speed increase, much better attack power ect) every 12 seconds, he can survive a lot more than you expect

Torb got a spread reduction before reaper did. That’s honestly just sad. :woman_shrugging:


“New torb is just a better roadhog now”

Unfortunately not a very high mountain to climb, even for someone of Torbs stature. :confused:

Feel like I should definitely add Roadhog to the list of characters that actually need attention right now.


Sadly he will just get ignored

Well thats because youve been using him as a DPS not a tank, try to tank as Torb.

Mmm. I’d say he’s a better Reaper. Hog at least has his hook. As for Reaper: Overload>wraith (perform similar functions, but overload has far more benefits). Turret>shadowstep (Obviously completely different. But if you had to pick one ability over the other…). Molten core>death blossom (area denial + dps. Except one destroys armor and doesn’t put the user in danger). Rivet gun>hellfire shotguns. Not only is the shotgun aspect better, but it has a long range option. Reaper does have life leach, but I believe everything else makes Torb better, as they serve a very similar role.

So I’d say that Reaper needs buffing to his shotgun to bring him up to speed. Keep shadowstep, but buff/tweak it. Given Reaper and Torb fill the same basic role, Reaper should keep his ability to more effectively flank. Then there’s a reason to pick one over the other instead of one of them just over shadowing the other in the same basic brawler role.
Same goes for Hog. Keep his ability to more effectively live at all times, but maybe give his Take a Breather added ability to help teammates around his radius (give them some hp or damage resistance or something?). Obviously his hook gives him different utility from Torb, unlike Reaper

Hog is getting changes before Reaper is

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New Torb is a better Reaper*

Torb’s secondary fire has much less spread than Reaper, with only a slightly slower fire rate (0.6 vs 0.5). When you consider the turret + overload, thats a better fire rate than Reaper and 150 armor and is probably better than wraith form.
Torb also has range, and he can squirt goo at people with molten core.

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Exactly! Poor Reaper

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I just don’t know what they could do to make him better. Maybe they could make his self heal a flat value instead of a % of damage, that way he would be better against lower health targets who are harder to hit. Maybe 15-20 health back per shot? He would be able to self health 30-40 healing per second, which sounds pretty fair.