New target confirmation make Ana able to nano out of LOS


First I’d like to thank the dev team for this new feature that is target confirmation for Ana’s nanoboost since as an Ana main I often get to nano the wrong target in a crowded fight (BOoOOOostiOoo).

While I was testing this I noticed that I was able to “preselect” a hero and then nano him while out of LOS. The time frame to do that is short but still long enough to make a difference and I wanted to know if this was intended or not as some people already want Ana nerf and might see here some kind of buff. Personally I find it nice and wouldn’t mind if it goes live like this but i guess we need to talk about this change.

Thank you to take time to read our feedback


This nanoboost conformation setting is stupid anyways. Set your nanoboost sens to 50 and call it a day. I never once boosted a lucio in my entire career as Ana with 50 sens…

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What does sensitivity have to do with it?
A random Lucio flying between you and your intended target isn’t going to be any different, regardless of settings.


What is the new feature for Ana?

You can now select a target before confirming that you want to nano boost them.
There’s a short window where they can be out of LOS that you can still boost them as well.
Check out this reddit clip to see it in action! :slight_smile:

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I personally do not like this setting

Once you Nano a Lucio who speed boosts in front of your Genji youll get the feeling

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I did. Aimed at a Genji and the Lucio wanted to be fast and wall rided past me right at the moment i pressed Q. Team reported me for throwing.

It’s probably necessary to some extent or random objects and invisible hitboxes would be kicking you out of your target all the time.

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That’s kind of a big buff to Ana…

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The confirmation feature is not a problem itself, the issues is the LoS exploit. It’s the whole Mercy Rez without LoS playing Hide-&-Seek all over again. I hope the dev fixes it.


Drop your nano sensitivity to 60-70 and it’ll go on the wrong target less

Pre-selection having a condition while application does not, it’s a huge exploit imo.

This should be added to Zarya too. Just need a option to tweak the confirm popup time.