New Symmetera is a Massive Nerf

A lot of us Sym players are not in favor of her primary/alt fire changes. Her lock-on is what made her fun to play and making her alt fire not pierce Barriers/enemies anymore is worse than splash damage.

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Totally agree here.

If this goes through, the Mercy mains will need to shut up about Mercy being the most changed hero in the game because this Sym is entirely a new hero.

Valk is “unfun”?

Sym might be going from a short-range auto-lock, positioning/teamwork heavy hero to a short-range aim-intensive, positioning/teamwork heavy hero.

This is a big change. Don’t talk about un-fun. Sym mains who prefer her because they can’t aim that well for whatever reason will physically not be able to play their hero anymore.


No one is mentioning that Genji gets a Massive Buff with these changes as he loses a counter.

Genji legit gets crapped on even harder by new Symmetra, hello?

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I’m going to give it a chance…I’m not to big on her beam tbh, or the changes to the charge fire…Other than the increased speed. I like the turret change, think it should at least be 4…maybe. kind of disappointed about the ult…I like being able to throw shields, and put down a disco ball that gives shields. It does help her, and the team survive. They probably ditched it because she’s going to defense. She has to keep people off the point.

If I were to change anything, keep the damage increase, and let it auto lock,l with no beam, keep the speed and charge changes to her orb, but keep it pierceing barriers.

But you know, nothing is set in concrete, they technically never said how strong the turrets will be, and they haven’t even shown us a video (btw, video would be really awesome devs).

I know right! It’s very obviously a massive buff. I have no idea how people are thinking this is nerf.

I think it was confirmed.

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Damage increase with the same autolock is a horrible idea.

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Re-read it.

No auto-lock. Instead the beam would be pixel-perfect like Zarya’s M1.

I know lol, but not sure how to feel about a beam. Aiming is a pain in the butt with Zarya, they are being vague on the size of Symm’s, if they at least make it half the size of Moira’s ult, I’d be fine with it, easier to aim and hit

Read the post I was responding to?

The problem is that you can’t have something that’s very easy to hit and does huge damage, there has to be a tradeoff. That’s why every hero that’s not mechanically challenging does low damage or has some large limitation.


Got to make sure these two are able to work together when sitting in F Tier haha.

Also, knee jerk react much?

Interesting I know where they got that concept from. My Sym main friend that kept suggesting about her fire orb to do an aoe explosion attack when hitting the surface. However the orb not piercing through enemies wasn’t none of his concept.

Very true…Not big on the exploding orb thing though…Rather keep it the same but with the new speed and possibly that charge time

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Indeed I rather keep it piercing through enemies. If it hits a surface then let it explode.

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The new beam will do more damage than her old one at every interval.

At 0 second
old: 30 dps
new: 65dps

At 1 second:
old: 60 dps
new: 65 dps

At 2 seconds
old: 120 Dps
new: 135 DPs

old caps out at 120, new can go up to 195

How is this a nerf, at all? Zarya’s M1 isn’t particularly hard to aim, it’s just slightly less forgiving than Moira.

Zarya’s beam is much less forgiving than Moira’s. But it’s easier than something like Soldier 76’s gun.

Sorry, all I heard was “no more shield generator”

All in all, not having to play hide and seek anymore sounds good to me.

Other changes are whatever

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Hell even me as a non sym player wants this so i can do stupid memes… i want this haha

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That would be to OP IMO, it would then end up being an OHKO against anyone near a wall if it hit them, if it head shots for what I believe is 100, the burst would kill pretty much anyone after that. But the speed and charge time would help her be a good counter against Brigitte, and be evil against most characters from a distance.