New Soldier Skin Teased?


At the end of each video there is a distorted image of what appears to be soldier (shoulder plate, healing station on arm), but the head looks different.


I dont know if its Soldier. It looks like a tank for me. Somewhere between “Big Red” and D.Mon. But maybe im mistaken and its only a new red metallic skin for a current tank.


I’ve compared it to the in-game model and I’m pretty sure that’s soldier due to the shoulder plate and healing station on the arm. There must be a reason they added it tho.


If its a new Soldier skin, i hope that its not a third cyborg-alike skin because it looks metallic to me. Personally id like a fallen undead WW2 Soldier look for him.


I couldn’t see that skin. Could you upload a screenshot?


It doesn’t make sense that they’d tease a skin like this, though.


Doesn’t seem like soldier because his left arm is holding some ghostly/ethereal/misty power. I can’t think of what that would be in relationship to soldier, because he’s not holding a rifle. I think it’s a new character tease, who seems to have a runic patch on the left arm and is wielding some sort of ethereal power. Might be a demonic entity, might by hyper tech (more likely)


Reply once someone uploads it. Thanks!



Here you go mr. lazy


oh no wait seeing it full screened it’s defintely a genji skin. Nevermind. 100% genji skin.



I must be dumb because I can’t see anything in that pic, let alone decipher who it is lmao.


it’s 100% a genji skin. You can see the triangular blades on the bottom middle.


Its literally nothing lol. Thats been at the end of every heroes ability vids since launch. You’ll probably be able to find some of the other threads archived somewhere


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Exactly the same

The shoulder pad alone. You can even see the triangle in the corner. It’s definitely Soldier.


Could be wrong but it looks like his Venom skin… I think


They’ve finally run completely dry of ideas to hype the game.

They’re going back to Sombra ARG level of distorted images to generate fan hype and speculations. :joy::joy::joy: