New skins are cute, you guys are just mean


Yeah, I respect your opinion, too. Of course.
But on the other side she chrushes the robot, in the same emote.


That’s true
The solution is clearly to make her a robot teddy bear skin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


agreed in terms of black cat, never liked whatever the hell that is


You take that back right now!


actually agreed i find this skin kind of creepy personally


The furry memes are in jest for the most part


When do we get mean skins? Like, for Reaper and McCree that shouts “i’m an edgy a-hole criminal that likes to shoot people”? Instabuy


The new Lucio skin kinda looks like Frozone from The Incredibles


Wait wait wait, I just heard there are going to be FURRY costumes.



There’s not, I won’t show em bc I assume you haven’t seen them due to avoiding spoilers
Its just some animal themed clothes that people like to call furry because… well… yknow how the internet is :stuck_out_tongue:


Sign of the times OP :
1- Oh you dont offer free things in your game? outrageous!
2- Oh you offer skins for free but i have to play and they are random? outrageous!
3- Oh you create new skins but they are not to my liking? outrageous!
4- Oh you create a new skin and i got it randomly? why didnt you create more? outrageous!

Complainers are going to complain, no matter what. Its a no win situation with these types, always.

PS: Forgot the classic “oh now you do what i say? what a pandering crowd of developers! you should be ashamed of having no personality! outrageous!”


I’d be her teddy bear.


Do you play a lot of Reaper by any chance?


Loving all the new skins and I love everything and anything cute. New zarya skin makes me want to put more effort into my gameplay with her.
Actually very excited for this event, and I haven’t even turned on the game since about a week after Halloween event ended.


I mean, my only real qualms so far are that I don’t care about any of the heroes getting skins so far and thatas the actual ballet dancer, Widow should’ve gotten the Sugar Plum Fairy skin (unless they’re giving her the Snow Queen).

Rioting if Reindeer Orisa still doesn’t happen this year though.


Not at all.
Chars req


complaining about other people’s complaints is mean.


I don’t even know what a sugar plum fairy is, can anyone explain?


From the nutcracker, which lends to the semi leak that junkrat is getting a rat king costume.


That being said, so is Police D.Va. Only D.Va that matters is Bee.Va