New Roadhog Animation

Apparently the roadhog stuff that’s going to be on a new(ish) PTR requires animation? It makes me ever so curious what it is.

Is he finally getting a way to protect his teammates?
Better hook stuff?

Dang it. I wish I knew.

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My guess is it’s just gonna be a touch-up on his hook animation, because they said he’s not getting a massive rework or anything like that.

Edit: Relevant Jeff post, my emphasis.

I don’t think a new ability would be filed under tuning/balancing, but maybe Papa Jeff wanted to throw everyone off the scent.

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New animations probably means he will have another ability, I’m guessing he will have an alternative use of take a breather where he drops it on the ground. Or maybe they’re just changing the hook in some way.

Maybe they’re touching up whole hog? I see a lot of people complaining about it.

Tuning/balancing that requires animation would likely be one of:

  • A speed change (startup/ending time on any ability or firing mode, or faster reload)
  • Canceling (e.g. can now directly cancel Take a Breather or Whole Hog, or can release hooked targets mid-pull)
  • Overlapping effects (new animation canceling, allowing Breather during Whole Hog, allowing him to walk normally while Hook travels)
  • Mechanical tweak to an ability (e.g. Hook pulls the target faster or holds them in place)

I’m guessing either an improvement to Whole Hog or something to make his hook feel more responsive.

i am thinking perhaps whole hog is an AOE effect, i mean unlikely but you never know what they will do with hog