New PTR UPDATE: Nerfs Dvas boosters to 4 secs

It really was, sorry, and the developers seemingly agree with me (for now)

I dont see the patch notes??

I doubt that. I just forum searched “nerf’s boosters” and saw hardly any posts.


Tell that to Jeff, not me.

I personally think Reinhardt is both boring and insanely unhealthy for the game. But I’m a minority here, so I just say it how it is. There is no point saying anything else.

Helloooo anyone link to the patch notes?

The changes are just on PTR for now.

Thank you so much

We don’t know how pools are going to work. We know how OWL’s pools are going to work, but not ladder.

Maybe they do it like OWL. That would be unfair to Rein mains, losing half their season. He doesn’t need to be trashed, but seriously, any nerf at this point, OR buffs to other tanks are needed.
People are just going to get angrier Rein if he keeps being the must pick tank, skipping weeks or not.

I like a reduction to his Steadfast. 50% is ridiculous. Try 40%.

Also, hero pool is only in comp, so good luck everyone else, in your opinion, apparently.

it turned her into a pharh conter, im glad shes being put back in her place with this nerf, hopefully they buff up her defence as compensation.

3 was ridiculous anyways. she was flying around constantly. id be more happy it was completely reverted to 5.

try opening your eyes then

3s booster is insane. It made her go from unpicked to meta instantly.


So they nerfed her boosters but didnt reduce her DM cooldown?


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The nerf is great, she will still be great but more punished for mistakes.


This DPS vs Tank/Support is starting to remind me of Xbox VS PS4


Them agreeing with you doesn’t in any shape or form mean that you are right. And listening to band wagon arguments about pickrates is exactly how you get situations where heroes rot in basements for periods of time that never needed to happen in the first place. Its why sym and torb never get out of there perpetual non-meta state.

They need a change there philosophy if they want to create a more widely balanced state. Sure perfect balance is impossible but they can get a lot closer with different philosphcy than going with the one they have now.

So long as you ignore the bit where her pickrates failed to increase until they nerfed Sigma, Orisa and Hammond. Nothing says “good” like having to nerf half the other heroes in the category first!


Oh man, I get nostalgic thinking about how unkillable I felt with D.Va back then, especially when I had an Ana pocketing me.

She was a Pharah counter at 5 seconds.


I never said that. I merely said they agree with me.

I’m not jumping on a bandwagon, so you can take that elsewhere.

I also said nothing about pick-rates.

Are you sure you’re replying to the right person?

I think it’s because their design is inherently flawed

Honesty, they should just add the tank buffs from 3/2/1 to the game, it would be healthy.