New PTR UPDATE: Nerfs Dvas boosters to 4 secs

Seems fair to me, they could buff other things later. I like how fast they’re changing things now.

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DPS-Mains were not all clamoring for D.Va nerfs, legit this nerf was something that most people did not see coming.

Jesus-Christ you guys are incorrigible.


Technically they haven’t done anything to the base game since the META DEFINING Hammond nerf.

I don’t see the patch notes anywhere. Just the Ana and Mei bug fixes.

Literally the opposite of healthy, lol. 4 second DM + Super Tanky, + High Mobility + Good Damage. That’s what I call broken.

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well not quite. its like you just said, buff other tanks. Until then, enjoy the presence of a tall german man

Not DPS fault, 3 seconds booster is just very oppressive.
Yes DVa is very polarizing, everyone hates DVa yadda yadda yadda, just wait and see if DVa is still good


I would be more inclined to believe this would happen, if they didn’t just nerf D.Va. Again.


I’m not so much cheesed that Dva got nerfed… I’m more so pissed off that she got the nerfstick before Rein and McCree. Like, what the hell???

Atleast it’s just on PTR and hopefully won’t make it to live. :eyes:

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Honestly, im surprised that Reinhardt didn’t get a damage nerf.

What Reinhardt needs is not a damage nerf, but instead a change to either his knockback resistance or shield walking speed. We have had other games where Winston/Orisa were viable on many map types. It was only with the change to his knockback resistance and shield walking speed did things change.

Reinhardt’s changes were made during a time when 3/3 was very dominant for so long and now that 2/2/2 has killed that it would be safe to say some of those buffs should be reverted.

Also, the 4 second booster adjustment is not a huge deal.

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so can we just revert this buff and get a real survivability buff yet or


Yaay more whining :upside_down_face:


It’s literally one second. If you need to reposition that much your positioning is the issue.


Yeah, but you know how bad dva was with 5 seconds.


This is upsetting. That buff was really good.

Some heroes have better mobility and no one cares but I guess dva isn’t allowed to be.


It’s not just positioning. It allows you to engage and disengage faster.

It’s kinda obvious now, if D.Va gets buff she gets a nerf. It’s how it always works and will work.

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It is still 1 second buff from what it was at start, so relax, there is still a way to nerf it more.

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