New PTR patch will destroy Bastion and Torb


Armor change will destroy Bastion and Torb balance because they heavily rely on armor. it’s time to leave Overwatch if dev push this armor change into live server and do nothing on Doomfist. Reaper buff is too much.

Dev should buff Bastion and Torb before change armor system.


Considering Bastion and Torb are two of the least picked heroes in the game. I don’t think the Devs care too much


in the other hand their damage is buffed too.
i think the patch will reward more skill (headshots)
and will make the game more fast paced .


Just give bastion 5% more damage reduction while in turret and tank mode, for torb, extra 50 armour during overload should be good to go.


Global armor nerf is overdoing it. Just reduce the more problematic aspects. Lower cap on brig’s rally. Less armor on some tanks and such.


Nah it’s a overall nerf because while their damage is buffed against some their defense is nerfed against all, it’s a nerf and not a buff because of that.