New PTR patch nerfed Reaper, not buffed him


Exactly my thoughts. Thank you for portraying it so clearly.
This is going to hurt an already low tier character. I’m not sure why they didn’t just give hima fixed spread and very slightly lowered his spread as a whole. Why did they give Torb and Doom fixed spreads, but not Reaper and Hog. Color me confused

New reaper voiceline confirmed: “sadness consumes me”


Im really happy if doomfist and reaper get a nerf.

Doomfist because he is the worst experience to play against

And reaper because he is on almost all matchs on gold to low diamond on my Server SA.


Reaper is kinda consistent now, but became somehow worse… I don’t know, what should people do to fix him.
Fixed spread pattern for Hog and Reaper pls?


yeah this is the sick idea of blizzard of “buffing” low tier characters, and to anyone who say its a buff, please at least have 10+ hours on reaper to know how the character it works before ensuring this is a buff, people like me who like play reaper a lot knows this is a massive nerf, basically now 40-50% of our pellets miss yet when we are aiming perfectly, already tested this in PTR on bots, before this “buff” i can kill a bot staying around of 3 mts aiming to the head, now he survive with 15-20% of its health… and its worse each meter, this is a sick joke calling it a buff


It’s a straight nerf there’s a video someone linked here before showing how it works on PTR, it got worse.

(Jeff Kaplan) #32

We’ve changed the spread pattern and adjusted the distribution of the bullets. This will go to PTR with the next update. All of the changes to Reaper were done with the intention of making him more reliable. None were intended as nerfs.

Experiments with Reaper changes show them to be a nerf
For Once it didn't go live
Reaper changes are a NERF?
For Once it didn't go live
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All reapermains have clinical depression
All reapermains have clinical depression
Jeff responds to Reaper Nerf! New PTR Patch soon?
What the heck is this blizzard?
Fixing all spread, or just Reapers?
Blizz seems to avoid any post discussing game balance
Regarding Reaper's Spread Pattern Adjustment on the PTR

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Nice thanks for the fast response and fix!


I knew the Devs weren’t trying to nerf him. Cheers Jeff.


thanks for address this, we reaper mains feared this change gonna go live and totally ruin the character to us despite some people defending the nerf. thanks daddy jeff.


Can you explain to us what was that Mercy “buff”? Because it will not do anything to help her, and while Ana is dominating, I don’t think its because she is OP, but because the other two main healers are mediocre.

Blizz seems to avoid any post discussing game balance

Thank you! For both listening and caring about the quality of your game. It’s appreciated, even when it may not seem like it


I knew it, it happens again.


Dude come on, it’s a Reaper thread. Make your own Mercy posts and I’ll support them 100%. Don’t start derailing this now.


to my opinion isnt a buff, but mostly a “giving back” a little of her former viability, like a mini reverse.


Well, all’s well that ends well


Will the redistribution also affect roadhog’s spread or is this just for reaper?


i agree, i defend mercy mains and against unfair mercy changes, but please, this is a reaper thread, we support you in other mercy threads, dont derail this one, please.


Good to hear that this change is being iterated on :smile: