New PTR patch nerfed Reaper, not buffed him

I feel bad for you dude. How ungratefull this community is. You buff heros and they come here to complain was a nerf lol.

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It seems you don’t know that it was intended as a buff but in reality it was a nerf as there was 2 rings of bullets but it didn’t give the wanted result.

therefore they are fixing it as jeff has said.

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this is a sad attempt to start a flame war, they addressed it as a nerf/issue and they are fixing it, no need to try feed the flames of an extinguished fire.


Please don’t. I know it sucks Mercy Mains don’t get the time of day but please, this is a Reaper-directed thread. Please don’t perpetuate the “Mercy Main” stereotype I know is completely blown out of proportion on the forums.


What… this must be a troll

We just want the same respect as all the other people receive instead of being ignored.

We want answers to our feedback just as reaper mains wanted or the hog mains.

Its no secret that mercy mains have gotten the short end of the stick in comparison to other hero’s.

At the very least many of us would like a response to titaniums thread.

also I hope they fix this reaper issue for hog and whomever else also has this issue as I believe hog has it aswell since he saw similar changes to his shot randomization.

yup. he is, ignore the post.

And I agree that you should.

You’re not entitled. You’re not whiny. You’re not complaining to complain.

It’s why I do support Mercy Mains because it IS unfair that you haven’t gotten ANY acknowledgement to any of your threads.

I know it’s unfair that every thread Mercy Main’s post it’s met with an echo-chamber of “just adapt/get gud/player another hero” because it doesn’t address the problem.

I just don’t want to see this divulge into some flame war-this is a thread directed to the Reaper issues, and I think that it should stay as such.

getting off of reaper topic a little, hope this torb rework be successful, so this be a starting point to a posible Mercy Re-Rework with Valkyrie as a skill ability and not wasting the Ult Slot…

Okay… now getting back to the edge lord topic… NOW.


That is definitely a possibility they could take.

Despite the oopsie with the spread…I do wanna say the life steal is very VERY nice. I like having that sustain.

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Whenever jeff responds to mercy mains he gets lynched. The devs are slowly tinkering with mercy to get her to that sweet sweet 50% winrate, which they haven’t gotten yet, the last nerf was too large and before that she was too viable. But mercy mains tend to (I say tend because I know some are different) ignore the fact that they look at winrate’s more than anything else. Mercy had too high of a winrate at 60 hps, and too low at a winrate at 50 hps, so they do a small buff to something else to see if that gets it right, if this buff gets her around 50% I can almost guarantee it is the last change to her we will see in awhile.

instead of making a dot and 2 concentric circles, do a dot, 2 concentric circles, an orthogonal cross and a diagonal cross. Randomness would effect it less.

I don’t know if the new ptr patch has the updated changed yet though.

Edit scroll down. Jeff replied.

The patch went live and the inner, ring and outer ring got fixed.

hmm. I’d like to go “yay the developers are listening to feedback on the ptr and are changing it accordingly” but nope this is just a bug fix and they still don’t care about the feedback on the mercy changes. maybe someday.

What is this? Blizzard actually listening to feedback and making revisions based on it instead of ignoring all feedback and releasing a hero in a state clearly harmful for the game’s balance anyway? Am I dreaming?

honestly not sure if you will read this but either way thank you so much for the roadhog changes, every frustrating thing about playing as roadhog, all the inconsistency was removed thanks to the changes, amazing changes

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Yeah Blizzard really needs to give everyone a better version of Fan the Hammer. /s

Gonna go out on a limb here and say they aren’t listening to feedback at all.
What probably happened:

  1. They had this idea
  2. They shoved it onto the PTR without testing it at all
  3. They then thought, ‘hmm oh yeah maybe we should test it’
  4. They tested it and found the issue independently, and huh look at that the community coincidentally found the issue too
  5. They fixed it