New PTR Patch just released


Here’s the patch notes.


ONCE! JUST ONCE! We got lucky with Ana. They felt like it was already bad enough that they were nerfing her out into irrelevance.


Is the width reverted as well, or just the height? Because honestly most of the time it was shooting to the side of him that was the issue.


I just wish they would match the animation to hit box. I dont want it smaller i want it the animation to be the size of hit box


I’m pretty sure just the height if you read that quote. There’s no mention of width, and if they just reverted the whole thing I don’t know why they’d say height. While the headshots thing was funny for non-genjis I’m glad they fixed it. Now to sideblast those little green jumpingbeans to hell.


Y’all are so lucky I’m Trust Level 2, otherwise y’all’d be sayin’ good-bye to your page loading times.

All the Lucio gifs.


They reverted parts of Lucio 2.0 on PTR too, actually.


i’m happy about this, now i can continue to be one fast boi


Plz explain the lucio changes


mercy used to have a 50% damage boost once.
remember syms longer lock on range?
or the first nerf for mercy back then when mercy meta started.

devs are just random.
thats what worries people.
that being said i still can skate on irregular surfaces while holding jump, huh
did they really revert it or am i doing something wrong?


Well, at first they did this:

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – April 18, 2018:

Then they did this after a lot of feedback from Lucio mains:

The cliff notes version is they removed the ammo requirement from his gun, made wallride easier, made it so you could ride around corners, and reduced his speed boost when leaving a wall. Then after a lot of complaints they reverted the speed boost when leaving a wall nerf.


My thoughts exactly. Somebody check the thermostat in hell.


Genji lives woooohooo!


just the height

you’ll want to aim aoe abilities to the left or right of deflect now instead of above him

i agree, my biggest issue with deflect in the past wasn’t the size it was that i was never really sure where to place flashes and what not. if the hitbox was unambiguous there would be a lot less issues with him.

the hitbox also extended quite far behind him though and i feel like that could have been reined in (which it has i think)

at any rate definitely not the end of hitbox tweaks for him. the new vfx has been confirmed to be a thing so hopefully that means that the entire hitbox is shown.


Feels so damn good now.


Which part?!?



I think they nerfed his self-heal and wall jump speed but buffed his AoE healing and reverted a range nerf to his ult. You can probably find it in some old patch notes or something.


Can he still clip on walls?


So if they revert the hitboxes height, can you please update the visual effects to match it?


They also changed:

  • Mercy’s 50% damage boost buff
  • Orisa’s damage nerf (from 15% to 9% reduction)
  • Ana’s grenade nerf (but kept her 60 damage nerf)

But yes, this is a welcome change.