New PTR, no notes

NOTES!!! YAAAAAY! :slight_smile:

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dose anyone know when OW2 is coming out?

Very Truly Not Exciting…

ECHO! Echo! Echo! Echo! Echo! Echo! Echo Echo!

Yeah tbh i agree…

Gotta be preparations for a new hero or something. The patch is too big for just these changes alone.

I sincerely hope so, but no way to know.

Overwatch just started an update
like, Overwatch proper

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Probably small Bug fixes, nothing too big.

When there’s no Echo:

Literally only 3 bug fixes,
being almost 600MB? :thinking:

Tiny bit suspicious.

It was 1.3 gigabyte patch

I’m talking about the update Overwatch proper just got
literally right this moment

How did you know it was 3 big fixes? Any sources?

If any bugs were fixed it would be these ones

I meant the 600mb patch to live, how did you know they were 3 bug fixes?

Why else would they push an update to live OW unless it was those bug fixes

This is so unnecessary Blizzard. Don’t put up a large PTR patch getting people hyped and then have it be minior bug-fixes.
That’s why you need to publish the patch note FIRST or at the same time at the very least.

I don’t think publishing it first would make people less curious about it considering the patch size.