New PTR 1.46: Mei Ice Wall Nerfed & Other buffs/nerfs

Amidst all the 1/3/2 threads, I’d like to point out some of the tests being done on PTR.

Interesting choices to buff/nerf. D.Va and Mei nerfs are much needed.

Surprised with the buffs to Soldier and Sigma, not that I’m upset. Those are my mains in the dps/tank role.

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I can assure you soldier will be obnoxious now. No joke.

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I think a lot of people underestimate his kill confirm because they are not used to facing competent Soldier players. But the 120 burst makes finishing targets easy even at sniper range if you spritz their head. And this only adds to his barrier busting potential too. I am probably going to drop Cree for him just because I am kind of over the whole 20 meters effective range thing. Might as well exploit everyone else running McCree because the combo is basically guaranteed on his Zarya 2.0 hitbox.

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Oh ik.
Soldier is one of my dps. He is insanely good if you can track and stay on high ground. the rockets are insanely good for the fact that they are fast. He can just stay high ground shoot and rocket. with 6s rockets Oh boi.
I am gonna love it as soldier but hate it as a tank. Also the sigma buff
is actually pretty ok. Not what he needs but it is something so I will take it


Yeah 6s rockets is making me have some serious thoughts of running s76 rather than Ashe.

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I remember running soldier on Eichenwalde. Went 47 and 4
I had 24 helix rocket kills. was so much fun.
if that change was a thing then
make it 60 and 4 with 36 rocket kills.
Helix is good for soldier on high ground incase one of your low ground targets decides to strafe, you just use rockets and finishem off coz it makes it easier, and if you get contested your biggest ally is rockets.
the 6s thing
Oh boi Oh boi
Makes it so you dont have to choose

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It probably depends on the comps, obviously… But, honestly, at 6 seconds, he probably is more reliable than Ashe and I cannot believe I am saying that. I would need to test to confirm, but the 120 into shots will actually get kills whereas dynamite is mostly for Ult. It is kind of hard to combo off it with all the damage mitigation in the game.

I also kind of prefer 76 against dive because his sprint will get you away a bit more reliably than the coach gun.

The only real issue is that his ultimate is still the worst in the game and Bob is a free tank. So… I do not know. I feel Soldier probably beats her in the MU at least, though. Ashe is probably better for general purposes or if you have a Mercy who likes dps.

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God damn that is impressive.

I’m thinking the same thing, and I thought that Ashe was a total sleeper hit.

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I just stayed on Highground and used my helix rockets on a clump of em whenever I saw chance go “say hello to my little friend” pew pew pew
Having too much fun with that XD

I kept using helix rockets whenever a target was in backline to finish kill quicker or when ana strafes
You cant hit that even if you are in kissing range.
I just helix and they are in a predictable knock range so Ez clap

He is already a sleeper imo too.
He feels kinda ok/good rn just my opinion


I will enjoy spamming rockets more.

Well this will probably put soldier back into meta, that’s for sure.

The sigma buff means nothing really. With his ult being interruptible, it is kind of useless now.

He puts himself in too much danger using the ultimate, its going to be easy to stop it.

Well I’d still pick BOB over Visor, but this Helix rocket buff does make him a more viable choice for a hitscan dps.