New player competitive experience is terrible

Ok. I’m not a new player. But after having 1k hours in OW1 and never touching OW2 until today, the game seems to think I’m new as my profile was wiped.

I was mid diamond support in OW1 and first match in OW2 it put me into a bronze 1 lobby. A few seconds in someone leaves so the game was cancelled. Second match was silver 1 (a full 500sr higher?). Lost that due to our tank playing doomfist and feeding his brains out. Next match silver again and another loss due to leaver. Third match was a win due to a leaver on the enemy team. Fourth match was another loss due to both dps dancing outside the spawn point…

So I’m currently on 1-3 in silver. I’m not playing like a silver obviously. But faced with what I’ve been given so far I’ve had literally zero impact on the outcome of any of these matches. How can the game possibly place people accurately assuming it’s going off win rate?

I’ve heard horror stories online about OW2, which is what kept me away for so long. But how can the game still be this bad after a year?


Because new players don’t learn. Or no one in Blizzard cares about the match making. The system is designed to make you think you are of a certain bracket and put pitfalls to achieve player retention. Which is you playing as long as you can to achieve your personal goals.

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I can’t see that working. If it places me in silver there’s no way I’m sticking around :laughing:

I mean that’s why player count has been dwindling exponentially. Just quit man. I’ve played since OW1, I haven’t really played for 2 seasons already.

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How is your healing in bronze/silver? I bet that after a couple of win streaks, you start getting teammates and/or enemy supports who are healing almost as much as you are, even in lower ranks.

Climbing itself should be easy though on support in low elo, no matter how terrible the matchmaking is. Just pick bap and DPS away. The game will probably force you back to diamond or close to it even if you lose games.

The other supports don’t seem that bad usually. It’s the tank and dps. They feed and die over and over. Most of the time there’s not much I can do and it’s whichever team groups up wins.

Last match I was 14k heals, 1.6k amp, 33 assist and 1 death in 9mins.

My tank went 4-19 while enemy tank was 34-5… You can guess the result.


Got placed silver 2 lol. I don’t think I’ve ever been silver before. I went 5-7 in the end. 4 of those losses had leavers. Out of 12 games I don’t think there was a single one where the teams felt evenly matched. I’m out.

Guessing by the profile picture and this post, you’re playing Mercy in these games.

That’s your problem.

Mercy doesn’t have any impact in Bronze-Silver. She’s extremely team-reliant and, like… teams ain’t that impressive at these levels. She can be annoying, because it takes like 20 minutes to kill a lone Orisa and then Moth rezzes her… But that’s not really making an impact, it’s just making the game longer.

Are you good at any other supports? Moira and Zen are good carries at these ranks. Nobody knows what to do against a Bap or Kiriko who can land their shots and defense cooldowns. Ana just ruins every fight (which is true at all levels)

“But i like playing Mercy!” understandable. I like playing Rein. I don’t play Rein though because Rein gets mauled in the meta. If you want to climb, you change your roster to fit where you’re playing.

Not anymore. I’ve uninstalled. If certain heroes are ineffective at certain ranks to the point where a better player is unable to climb, then that’s a game design problem. It would be easy enough to fix, just rank players up on performance rather than win or loss. But they obviously don’t want to do that. No worries though there’s tons of better games out there. I was just hoping that OW2 might have improved since the beta, but if anything it’s worse.


I mean if you’re not going to swap to be more useful, then you’re not actually “the better player,” but alright. Thanks for announcing your departure.


For those already ranked the game has been so much better since they stopped putting new players in gold and started them in bronze.

If you really are diamond you should quickly climb the ranks. Should be far more fun to be put in games you can compete in than be out of your depth.

It’s actually those rare times when system puts someone in the right place.

If you didn’t play since OW1 it means its about a year or something and it’s 5v5 which is different, so maybe you was Diamond but currently you probably play like Gold and thats not that much from Silver.

And the problem here is actually not you placed lower than your skill, problem here is people placed higher then their skill and sometimes way higher which makes match quality and balance bad and so climbing hard for those who deserve to be higher.

People in their first competetive games should always be placed below their skill and grind their way up proving that they actually can perform on that higher level.

Now we get in Diamond people who are clueless what they doing.

Bronze rank should be the one were all mess is and higher you go less and less mess there should be but now it’s opposite, Bronze is kind of fine because most of the people in Bronze are actually Bronze but higher you go the bigger mess there is which starts in Silver and never ends.
In Diamond i can meet people so bad that i don’t want to meet them even in Silver.

As an example this account i’m logged in i played in OW2 on this account like 4 hours or something, i just finished my first placements since launch and was placed Masters 4 while on any other account that i play since OW2 launch i have put way more hours on those accounts and max i had was Masters 5.

So way in the hell on account that i have only 10 games i’m Masters 4 were on accounts that i have hundreds of games i’m max Masters 5.
This just makes 0 sense.
And i’m not complaining about Masters 5 being too low, i’m complaining about Masters 4 being too high with no reason at all.

And for those defenders who gonna say you will play more and drop - i repeat: thats not how any ranked system should work.

It should not place people to GM and then they climb back to Bronze where they belong.
It should be opposite. Place to Bronze and go back where you belong.

Just so stupid.

lmao a diamond player losing in silver sure

Nope. I can climb out of DPS much easier than support. Elims are what matter in low rank. I got the stupid B5 bug and it’s been hell ever since. Comp is a nightmare. GL 3 v 5ing on support.

I’ve thought this from the beginning, but Blizz wouldn’t do this because it doesn’t play well with player psychology.

They need people to think they belong in a higher rank because that keeps them playing. If they start in bronze and are bronze then most players who won’t try to learn the game will quit. That means less skin/battlepass money. If they start in gold then drop them down to their actual rank, players will think that they can get back to gold if they just keep playing (which if you better your skills will happen). It gives them a goal to reach. They’ll even let players be carried up a rank or two then drop them back down with a loss streak to keep giving them that feeling of reaching for a goal that was never their actual rank to begin with. The only way up is to better yourself mechanically/position-wise and widen your hero pool.

The game is designed to keep you playing for as long as possible. To take YOUR TIME.

Every possible second waiting in Q, waiting in spawn, walking to point before match begins. Dont win too hard or progress too much, else they will handicap you. Every single thing is designed to suck away your time.

Diamond and under is full of tanks+dps who forget to turn around and check if team is with them, because they dont wanna wait. They wanna W to win. W+m1

They WILL on BOTH TEAMs simply walk in 1v5, ping as they are dying, then ask “wheres my team!”

I went t500 at somepoint and OW2 new player comp restrictions are crazy. The game pairing me with literal LAND PHARAHS…and moiras throwing the wrong orb…

like its insulting to put this much time in and then be matched with people learning controls.

That being said, you should be able to stomp your way to diamond with more games…but why waste time. Why would blizz want to create this stomp fest.

Even when you get to “your rank” its not fun. Just bunch of tilted jaded players. Its hard to justify spending any time on this game at all.

I have been in masters all of OW2 and have only been playing OQ (recently i was mid masters s-1/2 and quit cause it would remove a full rank end season then save it, like that wasn’t dogcrap) cause it was funner until they nerfed it…

i decayed to P1, 5-3 to P3.

These games arn’t even fair, the game is giving unwinnable matches so it’s not a line of wins…

There is a reason eSports is failing in the western world, with thing like Faze dying, OWL, well basically every Blizz one, apex is down, valorant down just a bit…

It’s basically only play OW2 crappy comp system or unintentionally smurf…

In this game its not impossible. I have a solid plat support account, yet the rare times I feel like playing on this one the games are so incredibly bad its just a TDM. If you’re not playing a tank its not easy to survive, even being far better than those you’re playing if they just all shoot at you. Yeah youll survive longer than a silver player but eventually you burn through cooldowns and if you arent getting any backup there isnt much you can do. Even with bad aim players shooting you if you have ults popping off at random and 4 angles to worry about which you often do in lower ranks its just difficult to keep track and if you get focused its like, Oh fantastic lol. You never know whos where cause they could be anywhere lol. Its extremely chaotic. Like yes 1 v 2 or even 3 you can mechanically outplay for a while but eventually theyll get lucky

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I’ve been in OQ t500 lobbies for months.

sometimes you just lose.

Most of the time i can carry in those ranks though.

ml7 lost in gold