New PC Render Device Lost Since Rebuilding

Had an issue with my last PC that made games impossible to play. Built a new PC (Ryzen 7 1800X, 3000MHz 16 GB RAM, RTX 2060 EVGA single fan, WD Blue 1TB SSD) I immediately had several Render Device Lost crashes. No BSoD or resets just Overwatch itself randomly stopping during a match (mostly QP and Arcade haven’t played any Competitive due to the Render Device Lost issues)

It looks like you have an RTX Graphics Card. There is a known issue that is currently under investigation with these types of cards. There is a possible work around for this issue which you can learn about here:

i am a RTX 2070 user with a I5 - 6600K processor.
I turned off G-Sync in my Nvidia configuration and ever since i have had only 1 “device lost” crash.

You might wanna give that a try.

Played a few games without chrome running in the background and I didn’t encounter an error.

Just a short tale from experience with rendering device lost crashes with my RTX graphics cards.

I started with about one crash every day. I then changed my FPS to be display-based and I thought it fixed my crashes but yet it didn’t. My crashes started happening about once a week instead of every day after the FPS change. Not a lot of crashes but still frustrating knowing the game can still crash on you at any moment.

Once I started using the renaming method I haven’t had a single crash ever since. And I have been using that “fix” for many months now.