New patch just went live?

I need an old priest and a young priest

What in the hell is this patch…

On console it’s 5 gigs.


Correction: 5 and a half.

I’m only at 2.0% completion, and kicked from the game for 5 hours more than likely at my download speeds…

There goes my afternoon plans.



Omg. That’s nightmare fuel

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5 gigs on console…wtf? Not sure what it is on PC.

New Ultimate: Snowball Power Armor

Apparently Wyoming says:

Which is fine and all…


Wait. Wait wait wait…

So did you get the balance change in console, separate from the code changes?

Like the buffs and nerfs and such?
I’ve been playing Rein all day and loving it, but now i can’t… because 5 gigs.

Unless i just thought Rein was good feeling, in that case i would WRECK with him… but yea, i’m pretty sure i got those changes.
Nevermind i remember the shield is like paper now, so yea.

What patch? I got nothing.

No patch for pc.

Because the hero adjustments went live, it is likely changes that haven’t been made active, yet (the cumulative release of this patch overall across all platforms was suspiciously large considering the changes).

All speculation on my part, but I don’t think we are too far off from a new hero release. If I were Blizzard, I would want a new hero to go live before the next season of Overwatch League (which is back in February).

Like… what? I had all of the balance changes that were listed.

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I’m just… small and confused now.
I thought i had all the changes already? @,@

I tried to play MC instead…

It’s busy updating.

It seems like devs would rather have you download the entire game, they than bolt on an extra 600mb patch.

So i’m literally redownloading the entire game… for an unseen data fix?

Fixed a bug that allowed Reaper to have unintended vacations.

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Because of the Mei wall bug.

i’ve got the update on xbox too