New Patch = Game Crashing

Ever since the new anniversary patch came out my game has been crashing every 10-20 minutes. I am starting to get punished in-game for something that is not any fault of mine. I have not been more frustrated in a long time. I have never had a problem with Overwatch in the year that I’ve played it. I think it has only crashed about three times on me in the past.
I know it is not my internet because other things will stay connected, (including blizzard chat.)
I already tried the repair the game option on the blizzard dashboard.
All my drivers and graphics cards update automatically, so they are not the problem.
My friends, (and apparently a lot of people on the forums), have also been having similar problems. We are already mad about this stupid no-skill meta. This is just another thing to add to a very long list of frustrations.
Blizzard, you have been very disappointing to the community recently. If someone cannot help us fix this issue, you are probably going to lose a large player base. I am absolutely in love with this game and even I am close to reaching my breaking point.


Same problem here… It’s been 2 days since the patch and it’s STILL not fixed… Very disappointing.


I had this problem, trying to play competitive. “Failure to connect to server” Lost 100 pts because of this error. Any solution? get my points back?

The worst part is that we are punished in-game for something we did not do. It is not our fault. (talking about all the players that have this issue)

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I’ve had this as well, but no message, just d/c but am able to rejoin quickly

Can you please specify any error codes, system behaviors or messages? These details are more helpful and important if you want your issue resolved.

The “Failed to connect to the server” error message is a case where your connection is getting blocked from reaching a game server, but you don’t log out of the lobby server. This is often due to a problem between you and the connection route. The best advice is to run a WinMTR test and post the results in your own thread for help.

Any sort of disconnection will have either “Lost Connection to the Server” in the title screen or the message “Failed to Connect to Server” in red text in the text chat box. If you are simply crashing to your Windows desktop or the computer is rebooting completely, there is a hardware or software issue on your end that needs to be identified. Again, details are very helpful to give specific advice.

Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:

There should be a way to do not punish people just like that. To be fairer, you know?
For example: today the game was closed by accident, immediately I opened the game again and tried to rejoin the game, but there was not the option and I was suspended for 10 minutes…

We know (gamers) that there must be penalties. I do not like when people leave a match.

What happens with all the people that try to re-join but they do not have the chance? Ok, you do not know if that was on purpose or not but we should have at least the chance to re-join.

Rejoining a game is only possible during certain phases of the game. If you leave a game either during the pre-game or during the first minute of the game, the game will automatically cancel (remember the 10 second rule does not apply to the leaver, but as a warning to other players that the match will cancel). You can rejoin the match during the initial hero selection screen if you are lucky enough to quickly reconnect though.

Otherwise, you can only rejoin any-time after one-minute of match time has passed up until the match completes. However you only have two minutes to do so without penalty. If you rejoin a match after two-minutes, you will still automatically be marked with a loss an be penalized with a -50 SR cut and a ten-minute suspension. This rule ensures that no one can abusive the leaver system by attempting to return to a match after deliberately leaving in order to avoid such penalties. Furthermore leaving three or more times in a single match will result in an automatic penalty. If you fail to return to a match by the time it ends normally (regardless of match result) you will be penalized.

Ok, those are the rules. As I said I do not like leavers either. For me, it makes no sense that rule about the first minute. (that we can not re-join) Many times the match starts and ends in 10 seconds. Today the match was canceled but we were 6v6 (everyone was connected…)