New moira fade messes with mercy's beam connection

I tried mercy in the new experimental card and noticed that everytime moira used her fade on me, my beam disconnected for a second before going back again. This is pretty bad since usually it would switch target/struggle to find the old one which can lead to missing crucial healing/dmg boosting.

Is this meant to be in the game?

I’m guessing it is, since Moira’s fade breaks beam normally. It’s still very very very annoying that this version breaks beam on the entire team.
I would say so annoying I won’t play Mercy with a Moira, which will then lead me to just play less OW.

This fade breaks the beam everytime Mercy is caught in Moira’s new ability, her beam breaks no matter who it’s connected to. Doesn’t have to be Moira.

Isn’t that what I said?

Mercy also doesn’t need to be caught by the ability. If a team mate is caught by it, then Mercy’s beam will break.

This is an intended feature.

Ever tried healing a Moira in Fade? She disappears from the map; she now gives her allies the same effect, but keeps them visible for obvious balancing reasons are obvious.

Mercy’s beams, Zens harmony and discord, and other like abilities are all removed from a faded ally, as that’s how the ability works in Moira. But anything that does something over time remains, like Brigitte’s healing packs and Lucio’s beat (note that beat won’t be applied if you’re faded, but if you have beat the shields still decay)

Even if it was an intended feature, it’s annoying as fk for any mercy player to have their beam disconnect randomly every 7 seconds. It makes her unplayable even.