New mercy megathread

As blizzard took away our old megathread and people are beginning to find the mercy spam annoying!(edit : I am not one of those people)

I am pretty sure it will die down as the nerf will definitely do the job of weakening her regardless of what the forums believe. The stats are already starting to reflect that and within a month, I highly doubt she will be the preferred support at all. If we could endure the spam up until now, the continued “spam” is literally nothing.

Doesn’t look like spam to me

Just valid feedback

(people will just start taking ana+mercy to compensate for the healing nerf to mercy)

the nerf is practically nonexistent anyhow.

It’s better to let them vent, than have them constantly get indignant in an echo chamber.

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Mercy players aren’t the only people spamming Mercy threads.

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I think we should just place all this feedback in one thread again, as even as a mercy main I would like to see more diversity in the forums. (And sorry if I offended you by calling it spam, I just couldn’t find another way to word it)

Threads are for single-topic conversations. There are many sub-topics that fall within the realm of Mercy discussion, and cramming all of them into a single thread makes that thread unreadable. It’s a terrible idea.

You want the Mercy threads gone? Help us make sure the developers see them and actually do something right to fix her.

Im not offended im just saying theres aton of good feedback people aren’t reading because it contains the word " M E R C Y " in it or because the post is too long for them to be bothered to read I guess.