New Mei changes just needed better execution

Deep chill passive was a good idea and should stay in the game, it just needs a few tweaks:

  1. Primary fire has low dps, low slow and applies deep chill after x seconds.
  2. Deep chill applied by primary fire does nothing initially except exist on target for x seconds.
  3. If Mei hits target affected by deep chill target detonates (aoe?) and is lightly slowed for x seconds. Slow amount (and possibly dmg) is increased if it’s a headshot. Deep chill expires on hit and must be reapplied by primary fire.

So this does a few very important things:

  1. Mei can no longer get easy value without needing aim (all dps should feel like this)
  2. Mei is more self sufficient at getting elims because she can shoot icicle while the target is slowed.
  3. Playing against Mei feels much less frustrating knowing that she hit her shots and earned her elims.

All of this is true, except against tanks.
Tanks already feel like they never can kill a mei because most tanks that get to play against a mei are countered by her and do not have the capabilities of doing enough damage while surviving to force her to use iceblock.

The game needs to get rid of effects you cannot counterplay other then not standing in that spot or holding your shield.
Like say you get walled as tank, now you have a mei holding leftclick and when the wall finally breaks you cannot even reach cover because you are slowed. You don’t have anything you can do about that because you held your shield on rein or used your zarya bubbles to survive the 5 people shooting you or your rammatra block and shield.
You cannot outplay it on tank in that case.
You just have to accept the fact you are going back to spawn.

Like tell me how do you make sure the mei doesn’t do the things you suggested vs you as a tank or as a squishy?

Why should i get slowed or killed by my tank as a squishy, when i stand next to him/close to him and he has the effects you mentioned on him? I can’t change my tanks positioning and sometimes i don’t have a different option.
Like what happends when mei holds leftclick in a grav? Should everyone just automatically die because they detonate and are slowed and thus cannot run away from the max charge zarya after she graved?
Yeah you can say suzu it. But then you can still hold leftclick long enough to kill them consistently.

Its the same thing with the hinder effect on cass nade.
How often does a flanker actually get hit by it and killed because they couldnt use their movement abilities?
Most of the time the flankers can blink away or run around a corner or dash or deflect etc.
The nade will consistently kill a wrecking ball or winston or doomfist or even stop a junkerqueen entire ultimate. And its much much easier to hit on the big tank and the tank is also easier to hit so he basically just instantly dies. Even if he didnt die he can’t do anything untill he is fully healed again and had cooldowns again.

How i would change mei to a character that requires more skill then holding leftclick on tanks is to just get rid of the slow effects on tank in the first place.

Have her damage on left click lessend when she is in close proximity to her wall and make the leftclick use more ammo vs the rightclicks so its less worth it unless you can actually get the deep freeze effect on a squishy. Also make her get less ammo regen while in iceblock because she got iceblock forced because she made a mistake or the enemy made the correct play. She shouldn’t just go unpunished by that and still be able to get a kill consistently.

That was a very cool read. I encourage you to keep thinking linearly like that in regards to the game and it will help you understand it more. I’m a day 1 player and can assure you there are lots of counterplays to Mei, but I understand how she can be frustrating. Thank you for your very in-depth reply.

Lmao, are you honestly going to deny the deep freeze effect does literally nothing 99% of the time except against tanks? Are you going to tell me mei players in your games are rightclicking constantly and getting kills?
There is a reason they are reverting the deep freeze effect because even the devs stated it does basically nothing except against tanks.

Because from my experience all they do is wall a tank and hold leftclick.
Thats literally it.
After the tank is dead they maybe rightclick at a squishy in the distance.

I play tank and support in diamond. Every single mei just holds leftclick on tanks.

And yet you have not answered any of my questions with a answer. Like how do you deal with her holding leftclick in a grav, how can you outplay her effects you meantioned.
Provide them for me and change my mind?

Ofcourse there are ways to outplay her, but do any of them involves not getting walled or having a teammate have to shoot her to force iceblock while you play tank? Yeah you can pin her as rein and then what? You are even further away from your team, walled off and not shielding so you take too much damage.

Mei is a tankbuster and there is no denying that. Not in the amount of damage but her abilities. Everything she does 95/100 times is done to screw up a tank.