New lore content

None of the last 4 or so heroes have had any real lore.

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Channel 12 news intro

This just in, did genji really kiss mercy while being treated? Does hamster actually identify as a literal Wreckingball? Are zerglings allergic to lemon juice? More lore @12!

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I think we’re gonna get something soon.
maybe not lore but idrk…

im guessing we’re getting a new map and cinematic (hopefully sym and lucio)


Lore is usually the icing that keeps me coming back to a game.

This game promised lore, then 3 years later never delivered as expected from a blizzard game.

So me and a few others have quit. I still play a game or two, but even Skyrim is more exciting with playing bleak falls barrow the 45th time


Careful with what you wish for … they will go full JK Rowling with their characters.


Here is some hamster lore and clarifications posted by chu on one of my lore question posts: Is Hammond a scientist or engineer?

Hope that will somewhat satisfy your wanting for some lore.


The thing is: a lot of the advertisement was made up by cinematics and comics that are 98% based on lore. That means that a lot of us that started to play Overwatch was because of these things and because we loved the lore and hoped to see more.
In the beginning things were pretty cool, but then they started to go downhill. Even less stuff was and is being said about lore.


I think they gave up on lore a long time ago. And randomly announcing characters sexual preference does not count as lore to me.

Again, I’m shocked they pay someone to write “lore” for this game.


Honestly if I was writing the lore. I would make it so that Omnics are the result of reversed engineered alien technology that torbjorn implanted on his innovations. Which would explain how they just gained super advanced intelligence and how the more omnics change and adapt the more alien they appear (look at the omnics in the shooting star short)


And this is why I get irritated when people try to say “oh it’s a shooting game, not an RPG” or how some people are happy with how little lore we get.

Like, they focused on the lore initially with the game coinciding. I personally didn’t expect a cinematic each year, let alone two. But I did expect the comics and similar things to keep coming.

But between that diminishing, skins diminishing, and other things I just can’t get excited about the lore it the game anymore. I try, but I just can’t


Baptiste got his Reunion Short Story.

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your homophobia is showing

Is there anything wrong with gay characters in a text? No

Is there anything wrong with nothing in the text saying or implying such and only retroactively saying certain characters are gay? Yes.

JK Rowling is not my favourite person but I still enjoy her books. I was more disappointed that there was no reference to Dumbledore being gay made in the second Fantastic Beasts.

I’m fine with Soldier and Tracer being gay. I imagine sexuality isn’t such a big deal in the future which is why it comes out quite naturally in the story. Ana never says; “Jack you’re gay!”

She just asks about Vincent. The scene was set in the Christmas comic when we found about about Emily. Jack is holding the picture of him and Vincent. So it was there all along.

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Good that everyone instantly knows what i am talking about :wink:

I say this as a gay person. Go away.

Your virtue signalling does not help against real issues. I also agree random sexual preference announcements are not lore. Is a gay person homophobic?

I hated the story because there was no plot. Just table talk the whole way through. Exposition soaked throughout. A build up to a fight that was hinted to be very important to Ana, and barely glossed over.

Even the way they showed the picture felt so unnatural. It’s not like it fell out of soldier’s coat pocket, she saw it and was shocked that he still held onto the picture. It was “here lemme show you these old pictures”

It’s the type of story that reminds me of fanfiction. The type of story that just is all exposition, barely any plot, if at all, and with writing mistakes that I remember getting grilled on with edits in college.

Tracers story was so much better because there was actually a plot. Less lore involved yeah, but at least it had a plot. Bastet built up this huge fight, built up the bad guy, and absolutely zero payoff. Not even a passerby seeing Ana in her mask.

I don’t mean to rant, but after a year of no comics, that’s what we got. At least Baptist’s story was a story

they can be internally homophobic

Really just throwing anything when called out huh? Stop, it’s offensive to people who have actually faced homophobia

Sweetie, i’m bisexual.