New Issue connecting to wrong sub-regions

Me and my friend from Europe used to play overwatch together all the time on the Americas servers. I am from New Zealand and he is from Europe. It used to put us in the US ping servers without fail which was fine as we would both get about 150 ping.

Today and yesterday we tried playing again today, but no matter what we did it would put us in really bad server combinations. It normally put us directly into Australian servers so it gave him 400+ ping. When we tried using a vpn to force US servers it instead put us in SEA servers giving me 600 ping and him 300 ping.

This must have happened in some recent update because this never used to happen, we can no longer play with each other as these pings are unplayable. How can we get back into US servers again?

Edit: Same thing happens if I try to play with someone who has US connection, they are being forced into Australia servers forcing them to have extremely high ping instead of me going to US and getting 150 (Which is easily playable)

This is an ISP routing issue. Blizzard just puts you on the server that is closest to the last hop in your connection, because that’s all they can see when you connect.

This only started recently happening after an update or two. It never used to happen before… :frowning: I don’t think it is ISP because its done it every day since I the issue was discovered.

The game only picks your server based on where you are connecting from, which is decided by your ISP. You can read an exhaustive thread about this here: Does the Chicago server still exist? - #22 by Nicole-1893