New Heroes and Maps in Competitive Play

It is not just a matter of balance. Blizz uses PTR to fix bugs. Imagine the annoyance of needing to update the game almost every day.


That’s an awful idea, but it is coming from Blizzard.


thats too long to wait. pls let her be in comp in one week or two weeks. that kills the hype with her.


You kidding me…? Every other hero has been locked out of competitive for a week, but Brigitte gets locked out for over a month?! Who seriously thought this was actually a good idea?


Iam really sorry but i dont think its a good decision. There are so many people out there who only play comp. who dont have fun with quickplay or the arcade. look at all those people who stream the game. Keep her locked up for another 42 days kills my excitement about her. Lock her up for 7 Days or maybe for 14 Days, if you feel like new heroes and maps are disrupting Ranked. But dont punish the playerbase that is happy about a new hero.


There are game developers that fix/update their game almost daily. (Why do you think a game like Fortnite is booming?)


I only play competitive for the most part, so I guess I’m kind of biased, but one week was more than enough time for players to play the new hero in quick play. After that, you were just left with people that weren’t interested in the new hero or wanted to play them in competitive. Locking out Brigitte for over a month in comp is the absolute worst idea they could have though, especially when we need her now more than ever.

She works rather well against the dive comp (if the PTR is any indication anyway). I just don’t get it. Jeff said recently that the testing was looking really good for her, so we would be releasing her soon. He also said that she would be meta changing, which she is to a degree (not a MASSIVE change, mind you, but she definitely brings something good to the table).

Now you’re telling us she needs more testing, basically, and apparently it’s going to take over a month before you’re satisfied with the results and unlock her in competitive play. Please tell me that Scott was the only one who wrote off on this and the rest of the team doesn’t feel this way…


I genuinely don’t understand how an entire week isn’t enough time to learn a character.


I feel this is a good decision in some ways, but it’s a shame the hero release is occurring so early in the season. I strongly support the general idea, but at this pace, Competitive Mode seasons at 2-months long may now be too long.


why are they “trying” out new heros in comp anyways?


Because that is the only place where you can seriously take time to learn a character because no one seems to take quick play seriously and everyone knows that arcade isn’t taken seriously.


I really don’t like this decision, and I’m a very competitive player (check my rank).

I get some time out of comp for people to learn, but I think this is sacrificing fun for something completely worthless, the “identity” of a competitive season.

Basically, this is too far. Dropping right into comp might be “too soon”, but this is the opposite extreme. A week is plenty of time, two at most.

I hope in the future Blizzard will be reverse this policy and return to one week before new content goes into comp.


almost 2 months to wait for her to hit comp seems a bit to long, please reconsider the desision


Honestly if your want to extend it to two weeks before comp that’s understandable. and maps are understandable as well for this because hey they can take longer to get to know perfectly. But please don’t do that with heroes or if you are going to do this get it on a schedule where we don’t have to wait basically two months to play a hero in comp. This completely destroys the people who only play comp as we’ve seen above and it really detracts a part of the game. I mean I consider overwatch a naturally competitive game so I assume most of the populace plays comp for you guys to announce a character and then not out her in that comp for three months but have her in game what’s the point. I don’t want to come of as rude but it will really spoil part of the fun of a new character it’s like getting 2/3 of her


This is a terrible decision. Competitive is, to quote Jeff, “maybe the most important part of the game”. So why are you, Blizzard, going out of your way to stagnate it even more than it already is.

This is so disappointing and it really feels like there will be no point to play the rest of the season.


well this sucks i only play comp pretty much


Please reconsider. It doesn’t make much sense to make us wait that long for something that is already complete just for the sake of giving seasons a stronger identity. People want more changes in competitive each season, but this is not the solution.


you learn mechanics in arcade and QP, then when you’re comfortable, you move on to comp. you don’t just “try” new heroes in comp without practicing first.


Great, I’ll have people who don’t know how to play her messing up my placement matches.


Ok… but what about OWL?