New Hero Algorithm Instead of 2-2-2?

Hi there, I don’t know a whole lot about the functionality of team placements when queuing up for matches like QP, but I hear a lot of talk about a possible 2-2-2 role lock in the future because of problems like DPS takeovers and no healers etc (GOATS).

Maybe instead of a role lock, they can program in a function that predicts probability to at least help with issues like this? Overwatch easily keeps track of your play times on heroes, so why not put in a feature that balances a team based on play time? It’s not a sure fire thing, but if the algorithm detects six players, two of which have most of their hours on healer, two more on dps, and tank- etc, why not put that six together if they’re at the same skill level?

There’s more than enough players on the game to do this, and while like I said, a 2-2-2 stack isn’t guaranteed with this method, it could at least push people into the right places with characters they feel most comfortable playing right off the bat and influence a healthy, balanced team, while still leaving an opening for people to change as they go and not force anything.

Thoughts ! ?

UPDATE: If you guys have ideas that aren’t just “put the 2-2-2 role lock in” please let me know! I want to hear what other people are suggesting and thinking.

DOUBLE UPDATE: I understand how this won’t work now with the current algorithm and player base. Thanks guys!

This system won’t work, it will pretty much just be saying “Buy 3 accounts to play different roles”. Obviously that would rub people all the way in the wrong direction.

Also I have 1500 hours on tanks, but as of like 6 months ago I’ve been playing mostly dps, but i have only 800 hours across the dps category. It just wouldn’t work. I’d be hard locked to tank or id be ruining games by going forward with my dps hobbies because the matchmaker just wouldn’t account for the fact I play different roles sporadically on a whim

Like I said friend, nothing is forced. And I doubt people with 100+ hours of playtime in one category would really mind playing a certain role in a game… It doesn’t have to be a huge determinating factor, it’s just to help.

I think that just creates another problem. For example in the current game, I might get one game with 2-2-2 and another with 4 DPS and 1 healer in which I play tank.
Under the proposed system, I’m likely to get two games with 3 DPS.

This would prevent aggregiously bad compositions, but guarantee mediocre compositions as the norm.

It’s very likely that as a tank player, I would be solo tanking a lot more, at which point I’d just stop tanking in general because it’s not enjoyable to solo tank.

They could also filter in people who play massive flex, if you see that helping at all. I hope what I was going for here went over with good intentions. I don’t like the idea of a 2-2-2 role lock, and finding alternatives to matching players together in a comp that won’t lead to 6 DPS in some situations is… really hard. I see a lot of ideas thrown out here.

Maybe not forced, but it would arguably be worse than the current system, ramping up queue times, and if someone doesn’t play what they main usually the matchmaker is going to be just as random as it is right now in wether or not you get a workable team comp. It’s a detrimental idea.

Do you have a counter proposition then? Not sarcasm genuinely asking, as I’m more of one of those players that just PlaysTM the game and doesn’t necessarily care about all… the mechanical stuff, I guess.

And once you do until your stats catch up it will keep putting you in games expecting you to tank.

The server will pidgin hole you, and make it hell to switch your main roll.

If you start filling, you will be expected to fill for all time.

It will only be to the advantage of dps one tricks.

A counter position is that the current matchmaker does a better job than this idea does already.

But I am a fan of role queue to gauge exactly what the players intention is to make more consistent quality in outcome. The problem currently is the matchmaker can’t cope with the potential diversity and is stuck flawed, role queue does basically what you said, but allows for the fact people don’t ALWAYS want to play the same thing, and doesn’t put you in games where the person who got queued in as healer or tank want to suddenly play dps and you are suddenly in a game with a unworkable team comp.

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I just wish there was a way to make it not as intense, you know? I would say “or maybe just filter into people who play flex consistently” but then that would be unfair to the (unfortunate) people who one trick heroes or just categories. I understand how it’s flawed now. Shame!

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Yeah, I wish it didn’t have to be a complete lockdown on the roles, but the benefits of gauging player intention far outweigh the negatives. And lets face it, the matchmaker has been the most hated thing about this game since it’s inception >.<

I feel like if there’s a dial they could turn up to make the match making 2-2-2 search just a smidgen more intense, they should. Been stuck with multiple games with 5 DPS and I just leave… I don’t have it in me to solo heal or feed into the crap of a no support - no tank composition. I’d honestly just try again on a different map, lol!

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Yeah, If i don’t get a main tank or 2 supports, i will just pick a dps and just go for kills because I’m against leaving games :stuck_out_tongue: Gotta farm teh EXP!
But i feel you on an existential level.

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Then how are you supposed to get time in any but the one the algorithm thinks is right?