New Health/Armor/Shield Order Indication for new Hero?

New Hero probably gonna mess around with some Shield Shenanigans.

Why else should they change such a minor detail while the game has much bigger issues right now?

I thought about that, but both Doomfist and Hammond get unreplenishable shields, so it’s not like it’s a new addition. It is more than likely they wanted to move the temp. armor above shields in priority, and that they wanted to keep it consistent.

It may still be the case, but we will have to see

Im wondering if the new hero gives temporary health or overheals. Or maybe give Mercy the ability to overheal.

I wouldn’t say it’s a minor detail.

Now that all of Brig’s armor is temporary, it was borderline useless on characters with lots of Innate Shielding (Zarya), because it would typically dissipate by the time the shields were broken through.

We don’t have unreplenishable health though!

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Hmmm…what could this mean? :thinking:

btw, is “unreplenishable health” actually named in the patch notes?

It was. I think by unregenerable health? Armor and shields were mentioned as well but those aren’t new, so this one stood out.

Oooh, very interesting…

Now ya got me thinking.

I think it’s mostly a nerf to help knock goats down a little more. The new character might have shields and armor, so it could also be a proactive nerf against that.

It’s simply more proof that Blizzard is interested in making $$ from OWL and not making the game for us gamers.
They don’t like GOATS and so they’re nerfing where they can to get out of it. GOATS is too boring for OWL viewership.

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – January 30, 2019:

Found it!

I think they just mentioned all of them for the sake of consistency.

Maybe so, but maybe not.

I mean I don’t like goats either and don’t think it’s fun to fight things that take forever to kill.

I’m not saying they should get rid of goats and they haven’t. They want many comps to be valid options, not just one.