New Hacking Software?


To whom it may concern,

Wasn’t sure how to report this, came across it accidentally, not entirely sure it’s legitimate to be honest, but just in case:

The video claims to have an undetectable hack S/W?

Just in case the video gets deleted, I have saved the video locally.


How did you even come across this, it has like 30 views, and 25 of them are probably people who saw your post. I would also be really careful with this, as your post right now promotes this video and the software in it. It’s probably best to delete the topic!


I was searching google and it came up in the 3rd page or something.

Not trying to promote, trying to report it.


Here’s the appropriate location to do so:


Thanks, I’ll do that.


It’s almost as if Mikleback is not aware of the killfeed when it comes to using black bars :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh this software isn’t anything new. Its been over the Korean news multiple times. Someone just keeps rehashing the same old hack over and over again it would seem.


it might promote the hack and make people use it but it will also force blizzard’s hand in addressing it


Is this even a hack? I didn’t see any obvious autolocking. It almost looks like it could have been faked easily. If it is a real hack then it kinda sucks tbh.

(Tom Powers) #10

We’ll look into this. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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