New FFa Deathmatch competitive in the way?


It seems new Ana ptr change which allows her to Nanoboost herself might be a sign that we might have a new FFA dm competitive.

People were asking for this change for a long time but suddenly blizzard do this out of the blue.

They probably want to make it an arcade mode comp like other extra competitive modes we got so far.


I think it’s just a QoL change for Ana players to not have to stare longingly at their full ult charge.


I think it would be too hard to balance FFA for comp. Roadhog would be too meta.


you think 6v6 elim we have is balanced ?

arcade comps last for couple of weeks and just give us some different experience and different way of playing the comp. btw brigitte is the meta 100%.


Any links? Or are they in the ptr notes?



Okey. Would that matter much? I mean, ana is only 200 hp with low mobility. Boosting her resistance and damage might seem wonderful, but wouldnt it simply make her a prime target? Lets start with the first issue, who the F picks ana in ffa…


I mean I’ve seen people pick ana. she is actually decent against meta dm characters like roadhog and genji if you can aim.