New experimental patch notes (ashe, sigma and Ball Nerfs, Hanzo buff)

Indeed, but to be so willing to do it, especially when it’s made to cater to all kinds, is just gross.

This dude doesn’t care at all about how much people like Overwatch, they’re just worried about how much money Blizzard is making off the game.

Cooldown tracking and good decisions made at a fast pace.

The issue is ultimately about Tempo. Grinding things down is slow.
The way Dive pokes for angles of attack then seizing on one, is fast.

DoubleOffTank is perhaps too fast though. Which is why Hog meta died off really quick.

So it’s really aiming for that middleground between High sustain and Very low sustain comps.

Who cares?

The vast majority of the playerbase.

They don’t like slow boring comps.
And they don’t like zero barrier comps, unless they are niche plays.

Having to “wait in line” too long for permission to do the moving and shooting part of the game is boring.
Having to hide from snipers almost the entire match, is also similarly boring.

And they generally don’t like playing Orisa or Sigma when they have tissue paper barriers, and the team is being extremely toxic to them because they really just want a Reinhardt.

You can’t convert people who like dps to play tanks. Two entirely different playstyle.

I think I have played tanks the least since role queue came out (before that I had 800 hours across different tanks and maybe 200 for DPS).

I’ll explain why.

Tanks are boring now (which are playable). It as simple as that.

If you ask tank players opinions on why they like playing Dva, Rein, Winston, a lot of them will say:

Active playstyle.

Sigma is played in higher elos not because he’s so much fun for tank mains. It’s largely because you stand there just spamming.

There’s a reason whenever rein, Dva, Winston are playable dps queue times go down significantly.

Now for dps:

Tanking is more of a job. You make 1 mistake, rarely you’ll get out of there or you might cause your team to lose a teamfight.

It’s probably some data we don’t have access to. On Overbuff Hanzo gets about 6 elims using storm arrows per game, which is fairly low for an ability meant to be a finisher/burst of damage. For comparison, Ashe is listed as getting slightly more than 8 kills with just dynamite.

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I view it as the limit to getting people to play Tank is that they are too reliant on DPS and Supports to get anything done.

If you healer isn’t focusing on you 100% of the match as a DPS, you just go grab a healthpack, and get kills, and at a minimum you have a good time, with the possibility of winning.

Tanks? Your healer ignores you, you either spend forever waiting for healthpacks, or die, or switch to Roadhog or Zarya or Ball.
Your DPS aren’t getting kills? You switch to Roadhog or Zarya or Ball.
You have two teammates on Roadhog or Zarya or Ball. Your team gets extremely toxic and yells at you the entire match, probably losing the match due to pure tilt.

I think you are projecting too much emotion onto a for profit entity. Their entire purpose is to create value for their shareholders by providing for a cost desirable goods/services to some portion of society within the confines of law. Blizzard as a company should have its entire focus on making a profit. That is its whole purpose.

In their efforts to make a profit it makes sense to attract and maintain the most profitable customers (the ones that deliver the most revenue with the least amount of resources). While it is not a universal truth to always get rid of unprofitable clients/business lines, it is true that resources are finite. So a business should use their resources in such a manner that creates the most value for their shareholders.

It’s not a matter of being good or evil or caring or not caring. It’s not a matter of being greedy or selfless. It is a business not a human. It is purely a matter of a business fulfilling its purpose to the best of its abilities.

Well, when it comes to Overwatch, intentionally “trimming the fat” of the smallest part of the community would be catastrophic if they intend to keep the game focused on role queue.

The game needs tank players to function and intentionally driving them out is… questionable to say the least. Not to say that’s what Blizzard is doing, but that’s what the poster was suggesting they should do.

It’s moronic. They think that buffing tanks that people “like” is gonna create more tank players, when in reality a lack of tank players has been the ever present issue in this game from launch date to now. Creating more tank players is far from the simple task they make it out to be.

If people wanted to play tanks, they would. They don’t, they never have, and they never will with our current roster. The only thing that will create new tank players are new tank characters.

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Pretty much yeah. Also your post also points out something interesting.

People go Hog or Ball or self reliant tanks because of the lack of healing. That’s one of the reasons these tanks have low winrate in low ranks. I wish they kept the experimental changes of 1 3 2.

Right now it’s helpless when you get non optimal supports with lack of healing/utility.

I don’t know how they should balance tanks to be fair. Sigma does way too much for a tank and Ball needs ridiculous amout of focus or cc. With the changes in experimental, Sigma will still be played in double shields with orisa or rein.

It won’t do anything to ball. He’ll continue to do what he does. I might be wrong since I don’t play ball that much but rarely I use the shields to max out my health. It’s mostly to survive and get out.

I got my opinions.

Experimental Mode – Hero Balance January 2021

I won’t say what is the best course of action for blizzard to take. I do think it is unlikely that they can make everyone happy. However, I don’t have enough information to be able to say what they should do.

I just agree that it is in their best interest to do whatever will make them the most profit. They can’t make a profit without customers. So their best interest does include making players happy. I just can’t say how they will do so or who they will focus on.

He shouldn’t be able to do everything i dont know why you people advocate for these overloaded heroes

Really disliking both of those tank changes, especially Sigma’s.

Even that would be fine if he didn’t have his own defense matrix that also shields him and can’t be canceled by projectile stuns besides rock due to the massive hitbox

But a counter sigma can counter it! Great game design, when a hero counters themselves so the meta way to counter something is to play that thing. :face_vomiting:

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This nerf really doesn’t solve that problem tho

all it does is make him super clunky to play
He still has his dmg, accretion and stun…

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See though, he doesn’t do everything, and this particular change will make it hard to do anything without Orisa or Rein to back him up

As if it isn’t hard enough keeping people interested in playing tanks already… I’ve been working on Sigma since Halloween and the character felt very fluid and fun, albeit tricky to learn… Now, after experimental, the character feels like lead… the fluidity and tactical feel are gone… “moose in molasses” is the term I would use…

0/10 on my scale… Not fun or balanced from my perspective…


It makes sense in a “Reduce reliance on shields and make them hit harder instead” which I thought was the gist of their last few changes to the tanks :thinking:

Perhaps they’re trying to push him more into a off tank role where his shield is more like a matrix/bubble rather than like orisa/rein :man_shrugging:t2: