New Experimental Patch for April 1st - Demo Video Now Available

Ah yes, I can finally troll people as Genji more

DPS queue takes 1 hour

Oh wait…

I’m not a Sym player on Live because I hate the way she feels like she has tiny T-Rex arms. This beam length feels…right.

It’s sad that there are more better changes in this card than what the pros came up with.

How do you get the pixel spray now then?

Can’t get pixel spray in experimental anyways.

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The dev comments are the best part imo


Sweet Mother of Holy trinity :eyes:


Pharah and Symm need desesparatly thoses lmao.

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LUL! Three (really) enraged monkeys (2 Winstons and a transformed Echo) fighting in the temple on Nepal! :laughing:
And a Zen and a Sigma hovering above! I’m dying here! :joy:

Right? That Pharah Barrage comment had me rolling on the floor. The humor is on point.

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You could block multiple entrances on many 2cp maps with this buff.

Yes please let the Sym’s longer beam go live.

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Oh no and this would make 2CP on some maps unplayable lol

Junkrat the Tracer counter, lol

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Permanent arcade mode pls.


LMAO and Wrecking Ball too

For us Junkrat mains, that means insta-wins!

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Temple going to be so much fun :star_struck:

You got that right. :smile:

Some of these changes seems really good actually.