New Doomfist bug


There are 3 things I’d like to say, Derek:

  1. I share ytieDijneG’s frustrations at the lack of further communication specifically regarding the 40+ bugs mentioned in those redit posts and forum threads.

  2. If possible, please don’t fix the Diagonal Punch bug. It’s extremely rare to get it unintentionally and gives some serious creative flexibility to his kit. I understand fixing it if it breaks the design of the hero, but I love how creative this bug lets you be with punch.

  3. Thank you so much for the quick responses and bug fixes, this week has felt like Christmas!


Looking at Derek Mulder’s posts, he’s the savior we need for Doomfist


This is a cool concept but it would be kind of hard to keep from looking down in certain situations and messing up your punch. The downward vertical hurt us more than helped.


They’ve commented on it before and said they are working on porting the new earthshatter code to slam to fix all that, but needs some time.

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