New Doomfist bug


Seems to be happening after the most recent PTR update that added the Doomfist E bug fix.

If you’re falling while you rocket punch, ie you use shift then charge->release rocket punch while falling or you jump off high ground and release it, you fall as the punch moves you forward. Normally you would only go horizontally, but now you punch somewhat diagonally downward. This only happens while punching, but not after you do a jump cancel

Is the rocket punch change a feature or a bug?
Is the rocket punch change a feature or a bug?

Every new PTR, it seems that Doomfist gets buggier.


It seems like the punch maintains the vertical velocity from when you let go of punch. The amount that the punch falls depends on how fast you where falling prior to releasing punch is what I’ve noticed. Has anyone tried letting go of punch with positive vertical velocity (falling upwards)? just to see if the punch will also move diagonally upwards?


Yes, this is the case. Punch will travel upwards if he has vertical acceleration.

I like how this is functioning though. It feels really good to play with. I now no longer have to wait until I am on the same elevation as another player if I’m charging up punch to hit them while they are on the ground, as I can use the downwards acceleration to make punch travel on an angle and therefore I can activate punch to reach them sooner.


Here is a comparison of how it looks when falling.
Live: Doom flies horizontally over blue box

PTR: Doom falls vertically and collides with blue box

Neither punch is cancelled by jumping at any point.


If you do it from flat ground, not in the air, it won’t accelerate downard, and if you jump it will remain on level or even travel upward slightly.


Yes, if you do the same punch in the videos above while standing on the ledge you will fly over the blue box on both PTR and Live.


I’m more than willing to make these minor adjustments to my play if it means this stays in. This feels SO good to play with, it helps so much with closing vertical gaps.


i hope this gets fixed. this is going to make df worse


This does not feel good at all, really needs to be fixed. This would be a huge mobility nerf and make RP so inconsistent. BLIZZARD PLEASE LOOK AT THIS


Here’s another example I recorded really quick.

Really hoping this is a bug and we can get this addressed. This actually feels awful to play with.

(Derek Mulder) #13

This is a bug and will be fixed, thanks for the report!


Thank you Mr. Mulder! You and the team are making heroes feel good to play by squashing those nasty bugs! For that I thank you


Thanks Derek! Glad to hear it :slight_smile:


Thank you for the response Derek! We, the doomfist community, appreciate the support. On top of this bug there are a few more nasty bugs, for example the knockback changes make RP get knocked back by Lucio boop and roadhog ult, and likely other things that it shouldn’t. This is certainly not how it supposed to work considering RP is usually only interrupted by Hook. Hopefully you guys can fix these problems along with fixing downward Diag.


Can you fix the new bug where if someone boops doomfist he punches in place? This was a bug a long time ago and it got fixed but with the recent boop changes it brought it back.


Video example for reference

(Derek Mulder) #19

The knockback interaction w/ RP has also been fixed to be as it has been.


We had a blizzard person comment about all the bugs in the video but still nothing has been fixed. Even the simple bugs haven’t been fixed like when you cancel sombras hack with rocket punch and it doesn’t go on cooldown. What about doomfists slam doing no damage at all or people jumping to avoid the damage? The new reinhardt shatter works fine but it still wasn’t applied to doomfist. I understand that doomfist isn’t really played by anyone but that’s because he’s full of bugs. If doomfist was consistent at his nerfed state he would be such a good hero. If you have any updates on what’s going on with the 40+ doomfist bug fixes please let us know. We doomfist mains are losing hope.

awesome. but what about this? it’s been months since any of these bugs got fixed. what about the inconsistency in uppercutting players. they sometimes go higher or lower than doomfist and it throws you off if you try to do a uppercut punch combo to stun them.


That’s good, but what the bug with rocket punch falling due to vertical acceleration provided seemed to be very good. Would it be reasonable to allow rocket punch to be aimed up to 45 degrees downward? Not upward for obvious reasons, just downward.