New Creator Experimental Patch Not Available on PlayStation?

I play on PS5 and when I hopped on to get on the new live experimental patch; it wasn’t there. I closed my game, checked to see if I needed to update it, nope didn’t need to update it, still no experimental. I restarted my PS5, still nothing. I asked my brother to check his PS5, he said the same thing: no experimental patch. I thought I was going crazy until I scrolled through reddit and found people talking about having already played in experimental.

I don’t know what to do. I’d like to play experimental. Is there server issues? Delayed patch release?

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I am getting the same issue on PC. I played earlier today, logged off for an hour, and then the experimental mode disappeared.

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Same here. I’m on PC, and I was excited to come home from work and try it out, but it’s not showing up for me. I asked in the main menu general chat if anyone knew why this would be. Someone told me it’s buggy, and not showing up for everyone.

edit Creator Experimental Card 2 Temporarily Disabled

Something happened last night with this. I was playing on PS4 and had a few games on the experimental card, maybe 4 or 5 games. After the last one, I was back on the main menu and the experimental card had disappeared.
I tried then to play quickplay but the game was basically broken from that point. There is another (probably more than one) thread about this bug. Basically queuing up would stall at ‘applying update’ and then the game would disconnect and put you back on the splash screen.
I was able to play the game again after closing the application fully and restarting it, but even then the experimental card was gone.
Perhaps they removed it due to it breaking everyone’s game?