New Control Map: Samoa

Personally, I really like the new map and find it quite appealing. The beachfront views, the rolling waves, and the cloudless azure sky is such a picturesque map. Of course, I don’t know all of the mechanical quirks yet, so we’ll have to see how that plays out. What are your thoughts?

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There’s lots of space for enviro kills on the volcano area with high charge Doomfist punches so it can join my list of favourite maps :wink:


Control is one of my most hated modes but this map looks so good, plus a lava pit to shove people in! fun!


Boop spots are the worst part about maps :frowning: Imo its why illios is so bad, especially Well.

Lucio is gonna have a field day

it actually does look like a decent map, prolly the first decent map out of the new ones from launch

It’s a really pretty map and being able to see players play it on overwatch league was pretty fun even tho it wasn’t really a serious game lmao.

It’s a good change of scenery! I can’t wait to play on it myself and see in it ingame!

As long as it’s not an Escort or Push map, fine by me, as those are the weakest game modes in 5v5 (most of Hybrid maps as well, the worst one being Blizzard World).

The pictures make it look really pleasing. More of this please and less of whatever the name of that gross industrial FP map is.

BW doesn’t get near enough hate for how bad the first point on it is imo.

I’ll clip the 10 minutes they talk about the match and upload it once the stream ends.

It reminds me of Numbani

i can sort of see it in the downtown section, the other 2 feel super unique tho :))

?? I think I know a singular person that doesn’t like Koth out of the 30 or so people in my friends list. Never see people grumble in chat on these maps either.

Push and flashpoint are the most complained about maps in my experience.