New Comp leaver punishments are a joke

So apparently it’s my fault that your console servers are garbage and you rarely cater to the console player base? So I deserve a 15 minute suspension and an L on the very first placement match i play in a season cuz i get DC’d? Nice joke blizz, very funny

Disconnections are rarely the server end, but either with your local area network connection or with your ISP. Disconnections are no fun, but are very rarely server related. If your connection is dropping entirely, you need to take time to troubleshoot your equipment for potential problems. Check out this guide for details. Remember the most common cause for disconnections on console is using your open-air WiFi. If possible please connect your console directly by ethernet cable to your router/modem.

Now you can be disconnected from the game server but NOT lose your connection to the internet overall. When this happens, something between you and the game server malfunctioned which can be pinpointed to either your ISP or any of their hub partners. The good news is that there is a handy procedure for indepth troubleshooting (if you have a Windows PC on the same network as your console). This is called a WinMTR test and you can learn about the procedure here:

As always, all disconnections will be penalized, getting a season ban means you have had at least five or more leaver violations triggering the ban. It is VERY important to avoid playing Competitive play at the first sign of connection issues and play several games in a non-Competitive mode to make sure your connection is stable. Penalties will not be reversed. You can learn more about Blizzard’s policy here:

Apologies if this rough information to get through, but a good portion of our community continue to complain about leavers, and yes disconnecting players are a part of that group. If you need further assitance, please post more details including any WinMTR tests you run in the Technical Support forum.


Your D/C probably cost your team a victory. I recommend getting better internet. Or if you’re internet is already good, get a new router and/or modem. (I did this months ago, and I haven’t had a D/C since)


Got 'em


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Nice to know it takes someone trashing your product to get some sort of a response, but when they post in here for the past two months asking questions about any kind of issue issue they get no such red carpet treatment, or any answer at all for that matter