New Border Ideas: Master- & Grandmaster Border

Soon I will reach level 3000 and I have often wondered why there is no further border.

As you can see in the picture: fav(.)me/ddpfzvt
I have created two more variants which might appeal to a higher level.
They are just colour changes, but that’s no different with the bronze to platinum border.

Isn’t it about time for more Borders? What’s your opinion on that?
Do you like my suggestions?

I look forward to your answers!

PS: I don’t know why I can’t paste a link with you, just delete the ( ).

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In the developer update he did say QOL improvements and changes to career profile will happen down the pipe. I doubt this means new borders. But I would like to see some more borders as I’m reaching diamond border in 2 stars.

EDIT I also love your presentation and the border concept! Nice job!

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I watched it yesterday! Maybe they have some new borders in mind.

And thank you! Means a lot :smile:

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I think you need to be at a certain post level, or trusted before you are able to post links.

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It’s kinda crazy we have been asking for new level borders since the game came out in 2016 and there’s been nothing aside from a vague hint that they got the message…

Could be… have the same problem on reddit (less karma).
I wish many people (and maybe the developers, too) could see the picture. That would be great!

Unfortunately, according to this reply by Jeff, we might not get new borders in the near future, if ever.

I am in Grandmaster but they will not grant me the border of Grandmaster. Hmm.

Really nice concepts of the borders. I’m already past the 5 star diamond border and would love if they added more! I hope they do plan on bringing out new borders.

Is the image cropped or something. Do I have to download the image to view the full thing?