New Bastion is amazing


Wiping manly tear

So much DAKKA…




:cry: me dealing with all the bastion mains coming out of the woodworks on my team.


I’ve seen an uptick of people trying him out but the results have still been the same for them sadly.

Possible that my mains tend to dominate him anyway but still. (Orisa, Mei, Ana)


How are these buffs any good? Recon clip size was a problem to someone? Also if you manage to shoot in sentry mode long enough to get the accuracy buff you’re already winning.


I’ve still had little trouble hacking and killing them, still succeed more often than not in a 1 on 1.


well it’s like hidden stated. If your already being able to sit and shoot that long your already doing well. It might make it slightly harder to rout you but not by much.

His Recon buff is nice. They just need to give him something else so there’s actually a benefit to using Recon. Currently it’s somewhat similar to Mercy pulling out her pistol when there’s nothing else she can do while moving.

Don’t get me wrong Recon damage is good but there’s like no reason to not just go soldier instead


700 damage in one clip is a good change considering you simply can’t sit in turret all game. The spread buff is decent too, the range at which the slim hitboxes can safely peek is a lot farther away now.


It’s a really underappreciated aspect of Bastion, how his Recon mode has to be good to a certain extent in its own way.

There seems to be this attitude that Recon mode is just a means to an end, it’s just there to get Bastion from the spawn room to near the enemy any he should only ever deal with the enemy in Sentry mode. No, Recon mode is, like, 36.9% of what makes Bastion work.

His full auto spray is quite respectable as despite the slow fire rate (8 shots/sec) and how the weapon spread begins after just one shot and so quickly reaches max spread… there is a secret with Bastion: his recon spread maxes out at only 1.25 degrees.

That is a VERY narrow spread for a weapon that is:

  • Full auto
  • Hitscan
  • 160dps
  • now has a 35 round capacity

It’s not amazing, it’s not enough to PUSH an attack, but it’s definitely enough for you to shoot your way out of a sticky situation. It’s enough to use the continual pressure of that gun firing for so long for you to get into position to sentry or to be useful on the front line until there’s an opportunity to use sentry mode.

And the reduced spread is REALLY good.

Reducing the spread by 33% increases the density of fire by 2.25x due to how area of a circle works. And it’s continual, so although the full benefit is only seen after 2 seconds, the spread IMMEDIATELY begins reducing as you fire, so even in the first half second you’re getting improvements in hit rate.

And often you have to break shields first, shields are huge, so starting at 3 degrees spread you can still hit it all. But once the shield is broken even a tank can be small enough that at long range you’ve got a high hit rate. I remember pre-buff often I’ve been continually shooting at a Pharamercy from long range and clearly I’m doing barely more than 50dps because the Phara just isn’t dying even after well more than 2 seconds of fire.

Really good point about peaking.

Popping in and out of a corner extends the time you’re shooting at each other, so when you duck behind a wall you’re not taking fire in that time but Bastion while shooting is tightening his spread, when you pop out again you’ll now be taking about twice as many hits as before. And he can keep shooting like that for 10 seconds.

Snipers can’t just shoot Bastion from the front any more, they’re going to have to flank around and use teamwork.


Really doesn’t fix his one glaring issue. Being stationary in OW is inviting the Reaper to come claim your soul.


Yep, the game just gets dumber and dumber. Hooray for one of the most cancerous heroes in the game!


It’s just his clip size that increased right?

Cause I never thought of his reload as the reason he’s not meta.


Ha bastion still sucks this is a placebo effect. Now if they add critical to sentry then we can talk.


A good Bastion would never position himself in a easily accessible spot for an enemy Reaper to kill him. More often than not, he is with his team and surrounded by barriers. Reaper is not good a killing characters when they are grouped up.


Yeah it is. I’m not a Bastion main but I enjoy him and Kolorblind is like the only streamer I ever have watched (GM Bastion 1-trick)

My Bastion play is much better then it ever would be (for the hours I put into him) if it wasn’t for that guy. One of the tricks to Bastion is rather then reloading in Sentry you can pop into Recon empty your clip into the enemy (prob reposition pending on how fights going) then drop back into Sentry.

This kinda gives him a little more flexibility and duel potential but it certainly isn’t game breaking.

Kinda shows how Blizz treats certain heros with kiddy gloves when it comes to buffs while others get showered with them (hanzo)


Yes it does, you have a buffed weapon in recon mode. Fight Reaper in Recon mode.

Reaper has atrocious spread on his main weapon and your armour cuts his weapons attacks nearly in half. When you see him burn his wraith ability you have to concede the ground you were covering with your sentry, you need to exploit the quick 0.5sec sentry->recon reconfig time and star backpeddling, keep your distance and keep shooting into him.

But Reaper IS supposed to be pretty good against Bastion, he’s also a low pick rate, he shouldn’t be doing worse off against anyone.

This may not seem like 35 ammo matters all that much, you either frag the Reaper within 25 shots or less or you’re already dead. Except there’s probably going to be some other push along with the Reaper, some long range pressure following on from whatever forced you to leave sentry mode. 35 shots is enough to have a fighting chance against something like a Reaper charging you AND also enough to shoot your way out, or can heal with enough reserve to fight off something getting in you face.

Remember, 10 shots is a kill on Squishy heroes, if you see a McCree pop out and make a charge at you to get within range for a stun->roll->fan combo, just mag dump into him. If you’re low and a genji starts flinging shurikens at you, fire a burst into him and he’s likely to try to reflect and shut down him firing for 2 seconds.

Again, the gun in Recon doesn’t need to be a monster burst damage weapon like Hanzo headshots, you can start putting the damage on quickly and keep pouring the damage on, enough to control the fight against you, just to buy you time to peel.


He’s good, but not OP. (At least from my current experience playing with and against him)
I like it! :smiley:


When I said Reaper, I meant death in General… not the actual character…


As a hardcore Bastion main, these change are really cool, now I can camp on the Hanamura rock again !


The guy that talked about it before it went on the PTR (don’t remember who) stated it was mostly for after shooting a Rein barrier to death. Once the barrier died he could kill people. It usually doesn’t end up like that though.