New Balance Patch soon?

New Balance Patch soon?

The unpaid intern chained to his desk must’ve surely come up with something over the holidays.


There is currently a patch on the PTR that will most likely be released after the event.

After that will there be a new patch on PTR for a couple weeks, but we don’t know how long it will take before we get a new patch on PTR after the current PTR patch hit live.

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Lol dva sucks now.
Dva is probably the last tank i’d want on my team.


ehmmm what patch are u talking about? The latest patch in ptr was the “While you wait”

Unlikely. The devs have been on holidays.

Give it a couple of weeks.

This one:

Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – December 11, 2019

This one hasn’t reached the live servers yet.

D.Va is apparently being played by Korean Contenders teams again at the moment (paired with Orisa).

I’m interested to see how that plays out.

I’m not entirely sure about this actually. She’s pretty bad, but I’ve seen Dva players winning games lately. I think she might be better than Winston, at least.

Sometime before February 8th, on a Thursday.

So probably January 9, or January 16th.

Hands down better than Winston. And I win with her quite a bit too, but she is bottom tier across the board based solely on pickrate and winrate. Which is more or less all we have to go on. I am not saying she is unplayable… But playable is sort of a strong word. In a figurative sense, obviously.

These are hotfixes and bug fixes :stuck_out_tongue: not balance patch xD

Hotfixes are patches to the live game. These are PTR changes that haven’t gone live yet.

With any luck, the devs will just put some basic balance changes onto the existing PTR patch, so that it doesn’t slow down the balance change release schedule.

Like I said: I think that’s unlikely because the devs have probably been away with their families over the holidays. They’re probably only just returning to work today.

Now you understand the pain of us, Bastion players?

im basically here about to drop overwatch for a indefinate amount of time, the lastest balance changes are just…Ugh…

cant really stand playing this game anymore

I have no clue how a Bastion main could still tolerate this game. I struggle a bit as McCree because, well, he sucks. He is just a very simple and safe pick that plays into a lot of dps well, but he is definitively below average. And it is annoying. You lose match ups you are supposed to win against heroes like Tracer and everyone acts like he is broken just because his pickrate his high and then downplay characters like Orisa and Baptiste. Annoying as hell.

But you, you play Bastion. Like, the literal worst hero. I respect that.

Sadly, i stopped playing him ever since 2-2-2, have about 100 hours

im not waiting 10+ minutes to be forced to switch into anything else

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What I’m saying is that the devs would delay pushing this change to live, and throw in a couple very simple balance changes next week on January 9th Then push this patch to Live around January 21st.

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This situation is Odd actually.

consdiering at the current rate, 1 month per PTR,

the leaks of a mid-january patch wouldnt be possible, since the next patch would be out roughly in 10ish of february

With a ton of money on the line, you can bet the devs are gonna push something before the next OWL season.

Like they did last year.