New armor sounds and can feel unnatural?


Reading the new armor changes one thing that I think sounds odd and not very natural is recoverable health is taken BEFORE recoverable armor. I would think its naturally you strip down the armor before the health gameplay and mechanical wise.

I assume the best example would be Zarya, her recoverable armor is blue and non recoverable hp is the white bar. So naturally, the blue bar will deplete before the hp. But yeah, this just sounds unnatural to me personally.

To me this would sound more natural: *
New priority order: non-recoverable shields, non-recoverable armor, recoverable shields, recoverable armor, non-recoverable health, and recoverable health.

Original: New priority order: non-recoverable shields, non-recoverable armor, non-recoverable health, recoverable shields, recoverable armor, and recoverable health

If I understood the changes correctly that is.

Non recoverable shields - barriers/bubbles I guess and lucio ult?

non recoverable armor - yellow/orange/gold like

recoverable shields - blue

non recoverable health - white

Recoverable health - mercy only as far I can think of.

This is just how I would naturally think and understood how it works if I am correct about the order.


Shields - Blue
Armor - Gold
Health - White

“Recoverable” - means you can be healed and recover one/all of them.
“Non-recoverable” - lucio’s barrier, brig’s armor pack and rally, torb’s overload etc.


Thats fair but I still dont get why the health would go down before the recoverable shields and armor still which was a bit of the point. Its natural the white health is the last to go not shields and armor. I guess non recoverable health could also be refered to as winstons ult? Totally forgot about that. Recoverable health could be just normal health in that case, but I assumed thats is Mercys health because she literally recovers unlike other heroes. They need to get health pack or get healed to recover.


Anything that’s added on as extra goes on top of anything that heals or regens.

The only thing this update really changes is that Brig’s ult goes on top of Zen and Zarya’s shields, making them less tanky.


Aha, I think they should clarify what all the different things are. Been some discussion about what is what and what means what and who might have this and that. Some even think some of this has something to do with a new hero.


Health is not goind down first.
Read carefuly new order.
All non-recoverable is being damaged first and then goes to recoverable.

And since it has shield, then armor, then health order - i find it pretty logical.

Btw, there is no such thing as “non-recoverable health” in game so far. I assume that it was made for possible future heroes.


I know its not, but thats why I thought naturally they refered to mercy as having recoverable health while others not. But regenerate would be the accurate term I guess. And turrets cant be healed so I guess thats refered to as non recoverable health, so that could be it. It all sounded good it was just the non recoverable hp thing I was curious about.

But yeah this is why we need more examples of what is what and belongs to where. Those non recoverable health could just simply be symmetra turrets XD


i think it is logical,every bonus should be on top and be burned first.
look like a new hero could give health packs.


Mercy’s HP is recoverable as it can be healed.
It’s likely non-recoverable hp is a new hero.