Network Issues ≠ Skill Rating Drop

Recently, when I have been playing Overwatch competitive I have seen a frequent issue that has been bothering me and my drive to even play in the competitive game mode. Sometimes, whenever I join a queue with my friends to play, I would fail to connect to the server when the match begins. However, when I try to queue up again, the game tells me that I’m banned from competitive matchmaking because it appears that I had left the match when in reality I never joined the match to in the first place. Not only that, but I checked my SR on Tank and it had dropped as if I had received a loss. The same thing happened when I queued for a Damage role and disconnected. I find this troubling since the game is punishing me for events I have no control over and penalizing me for games I never joined, let alone lost.

Why wouldn’t you have control over your own network issues?

If you queue for a role and a penalty would apply then these would be the penalties:

  • Suspension from comp for (x) time.
  • -50 SR from the main role you were playing
  • -10SR per inactive roles.

Hold in mind that all issues with your network or computer should be punished. Read this thread for more information: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties
Once you’re gone you leave an entire team to a 5v6, it would only be reasonable to punish this.

If you’re encountering technical issues then it’s recommended to start troubleshooting in #technical-support.

Now do hold in mind due to the current COVID-19 situation that ISP’s have a higher load on them, causing some issues between the client and Blizzard’s servers.
This is out of Blizzard their control.