NERFsy isn't viable anymore

She’s supposedly a low skill hero for beginners yet if you look at her winrate stats on omnic meta, she only just makes 50% winrate in grandmasters with master just below andthen her winrate plummets. I seem to remember a while back the devs posted stats on where most of the player base is ranked and if I remember correctly ( I may be wrong ) from platt to grandmaster was only something like 13% of the player base.

At any rate the point I’m making is that the bulk of the player base is gold and below, where nerfsy’s winrate is realy poor yet she’s supposedly an easy hero to play. In Diamond and above she only sees 40 % usage and that with a fraction of the player base. Of that fraction on grandmasters just scrapes in with a 50 % winrate. SO HOW IS SHE VIABLE? Not to mention her damage boost usage has gone down by 24%.


Mercy seems to be in a very suspicious spot right now. Everything Blizzard has done was in an effort to remove her from the game. But us Mercy mains will not falter. There will be a reckoning.

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That became a meme already.

I get the feeling they are trying to kill her off in stages to allow players to get used to each weaker version so that eventualy the nerfsy support base will be so numb and tired that there will be no outcry when they remove her.

Well, on console she’s as strong as ever at least… :woman_shrugging:

I play on console and pc and she’s only slightly better.

“BuT sHe’S ViAblE fRoM gOld AnD bEloW”

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Thanks for the copypasta bruv gonna post it on every mercy thread gg

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I want to see it in twitch chat too.

Heroes never die but sadly Mercy isnt one of them anymore.

Ok but for real Blizzard made a terrible job reworking and balancing her. They should take a look at some of the feedback the community provided them. Like this thread here.

To be honest, I hope it goes down even more, it’ll give her better grounds for them to give Mercy a more thought out less crappy rework. Hopefully.

It’s diamond to GM.

Most of the player base is around Gold and Plat.

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Well no, if you read the post she has a trajic winrate for a supposedly easy character. Also most of her kit like gaurdian angel require good positioning from your team, communication and teamwork. Not what you find in lower tiers, also in the lower tiers you seldom have barrier tanks an when you do have one they usuasly charge in. So she has little to protect herself with.

Her winrate is 49.30% on console as opposed to 48.77% on PC. Big difference

It’s not that different from most, and she’s by far the most picked in GM.

I’m a Mercy main, but I have to admit Mercy is still very strong on Console. Ana needs a bit more to have any chance at all of competing.

Edit* Mercy’s win-rate is pulled down primarily in bronze and silver, probably because she has little power herself to affect the outcome (hence why Moira is actually more popular there).

It’s ok, let this situation continues. If her winrate keeps plummeting to F tier there will be something that blizz will have to do in the end. If she’s still viable blizz will keep nerfing her.

Note: she’s still viable for me, though. Guess maybe i’m not gold enough.

Ok so Nerfcy is viable. Me and my friend actually talked to EeveeA in a comp game yesterday, and I fully agree with what he said. They nerfed mercy in to a state where there’s more diversity in the support picks, but doing that they made the hero bland and boring to play.

mercy is balanced
But is far from fun.

I agree, I used to be active a lot more, these days you sort of have to cowwer away in any dark corner you can find and hope their isn’t a Sombra or a Moira orb (much like Mercy 1.0). Flying usualy gets met with a Dead eye or tac visor. The worst is EeveeA made a post right when the origanal re work came out and highlighted the fact that she was broken even before she went live. In adittion Eevee even gave well thought out suggestions on how to balanceher for both the Mery player and the opposition, they just buried that post in one of those giant waste of time mega threads. So much for listening to good players who actualy play the character. But seriously I’ve played Mercy in a Diamond game in early morning hours (before these nerfs) and it’s a completly different expierance to gold and silver. Bronze is like hell for a character dependant on teamwork.

Those youtube channels always say how they play at a variety of tiers from diamond to gm but what they forget is the bulk of the players are in lower tiers and no matter how much you know something you are doing is wrong very often you have to do it anyway in a futile attempt to keep the team alive. Your Zarya often doesn’t realise she can bubble herself let alone you. You think you are performing a safe rez behind a Rein sheild only to watch in horror as he suddenly charges off. Standard tank if their is one is roadhogg and sometimes DVA who tryies to play like the old dva.

My biggest fear is when the lower tiers realise the power of sombra and sym, that’s going to be the final nail in Nerfsys coffin.