Nerf Soldier's healing by 90%

Her healing buffs aren’t a joke, it gives her more healing and up time, ie: harder to kill.

I’m not saying these changes make her perfect, but they are a step in the right direction.

Honestly was on PTR when the “Cant bash through barriers” nerf came out but the damage nerf isnt. In every match Brig lost. Not with a little bit but emberrassingly steamrolled in every second matches. If someone cannot play against that then he is the problem.

Okay, Bash needed to be toned down, but 5 damage? “Is this an out of season April fools joke?” Why do we needed a Russian Roulette-alike Sleep Dart? Not to mention that she can not combo anymore. 110 damage, and try to sling your hammer twice before the one who shes intended to counter presses LShift.

Im not even close to be a Brig main but everyone with a little common sense can say that its an overnerf.


I hope so. Having bash not go through shields was great, both for the tanks and anyone who knows how t stay behind them. But she was still able to deal with Tracer before she could recall and come back at full health. Then on top of the barrier change they murdered the rest of her damage without adding anything even slightly useful to the support aspect of her kit.

Give him a shield, a stun and give some big knockback to helix rockets, then sure, it would be a fair comparison


But think about how her passive works. It’s always refreshing already when the team is fighting. So this change literally does nothing but add 0.667 hps.


They aint picking on brig at all now are they??

She nows has the exclusive positions in this game as:

-The only character in the game whose secondary melee attack is blocked by shields.
(Whip shot is her flail, obviously melee, but game calls it projectile so it can be blocked, ok sure)

-The only character whose charge attack is blocked by shields.

-The only char in the game with a hard range limit to their attacks.

-The only char in the game whose melee attack/charge attack essentially doesnt do damage. (When most other charge attacks are OHK)

I made the right choice maining torb this season, lol.


Totally. They even buffing Molten Core in PTR. lol

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you… you don’t seem to realize what makes brigitte overtuned.
Yes, she has weaknesses. That being range and… uh… range.
The only two heroes that properly hard counter her are phara and junkrat, but junkrat is kinda bad right now and pharah is situational… and her splash damage was nerfed.

Brigitte does too much and has too much value in her kit, regardless of skill. So they wised up and decided that she shouldn’t be a frontline brawler dps that can put pressure on anyone getting close.
It’s true that she has a range weakness, but she has a shield to help her safely closing distance and she’s nearly unbeatable at her range.
The point is not that she has no weaknesses, but that her strenghts FAR outweights them

ps: torb imho is secretly really powerful, it’s just that people still can’t bring themselves to play it. Like, his ult is a powerful goats stopper and its getting a buff.


she got a slight buff to her healing

heres the secret about nerfing problem heros

youd don’t give the same power you took back in other areas, that doesn’t fix the problem, it just shifts it.


She did get a slight buff, you’re right. A buff of literally less than one heal per second… to offset a 90% damage nerf. Just like what I wrote in the OP. Think about how ridiculous that kind of “balance change” would be for soldier, because the numbers are exactly the same as what they’re doing to Brig.


People already here, I edited the OP to make my point more clear. I apologize for the trolling, but I was trying to make a point and now I’ve more clearly spelled it out in the OP.

Oh noooo they’re nerfing a right click stun that did as much damage as reins ultimate, how ever will brig abusers cope? :frowning:


You are insane my dude; Dont you know, after brig nerf goes live

Its back to group up to Based Soilder 76 Healing, If anything they should buff his healing more !!!
5 DPS meta with s76 for heals is what we need

Edit: Webster should of went S76, but his healing to weak. #BUFFS76bIOTIChEALING

Good point. All the Mercys can go battle Mercy and I’ll go support Soldier, running around spamming e :smile: new meta incoming!


Nerf Genji deflect to .5 seconds since he’s not a tank and shouldn’t be able to mitigate damage, and increase his DPS by .667%


Genji would one-shot 250 HP heroes then. What a troll this guy is, shame on you.

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Lol, by increasing his DPS by 2/3 of a percent? I don’t think so.

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Brig’s increase isn’t a % though. Her healing is just going up 0.667 heal per second. Literally less than 1 hps.

Look what happened to S76 when they took away 1 Dmg per bullet
20 -> 19 RIP SOILDER 76

I struggle to think of a single close range character she can beat 1v1.

Rein rips her, Reaper rips her, Zarya rips her, Junkrat rips her, maybe sym??

Winston especially with this shield block change has no worries from her at all.

Which close range char besides sym would brig win against?

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