Nerf Reinhardt’s Pin

Let’s make Rein’s pins deal 170 damage so it doesn’t one shot squishies anymore. The new CC nerfs are gonna buff Reinhardt substantially if he’s excluded from them. Rein’s already a must pick don’t make it worse

But pin is so easy to avoid. I literally have one hand and all I have to do is slightly rest my ulna nub on the A key. He’s going in a straight line and he can barely move


Lower pins collateral damage to 5.



Don’t be silly.


Rein has been a must pick because he synergizes with Zarya, who had combo with Hanzo
And because Brig made dive life hell
There’s nothing really strong in Rein, he is just needed because none can do his job
Now that you can’t grav+dragon for insta wins and Brig might not be as good securing backline against dive, dive might come back and trash Rein. He was almost never ever played when dive was meta because they can ignore him and jump backline

And missing a charge will almost always mean death for Rein while filling 500HP of ult charge to the enemies