Nerf pro not regular!


Last PTR patch is most stupid think for long time. What did they do? Well, they just eliminate Even armor rework was TOO mach for her but 2 sec cd for DM is just death sentence. Now the matrix is ​​essentially disposable, as it used to be for a very long time. When you have 2 sec duration and 2 sec cd best what you can do is just use all 2 sec to once eat big damage. 2 sec is just as much as an ordinary DD needs to destroy your mech… New is absolutely helpless agains Tracer, Reaper, Hanzo and etc. She can’t come out from under the shields.
But the funny thing is that this will not stop goats! At high level player can adapt or just always stand behind the Rein. And even if Dюva disappears completely, goats comp will remain. We already saw goats with Mei, goats with DF, goats with Rein/Winston. is not the key character for goats, she is the second in a row to replace after switching Rain to Winston.
So for esports this changes is nothing. But for ordinary players it is very very significant. Like i sayd will just die. She already needs more skills to fight with any DD 1v1. Because for dealing real damage she requested good chasing strafed target. If you look at the game the best players, you will notice that even for them it is a problem. At the same time even a bronze player gets a crit from each shot on She is most balanced hero now: she can take almost everybody, but almost everybody can take her, she is strong and weak at the same time.
So this nerf will not improve the situation with goats but kill regular you must do the opposite! Nerf something what important for pro. For example you can make graviton, dragon strike and etc. something like objects (like Sym’s turrets) not projectile, so can’t eat this.

P.S. Bring back to life, developers, i will never forgive you for that!


From what I saw of the pro Pug games, D.Va is still a must pick, these changes just make it so you can’t spam DM and actually have to think about using it.

This makes D.Va a harder hero to master as you have to read your enemies. It also means you don’t counter everything that isn’t a beam or a melee attack so D.Va actually has some counter play other than waiting for 2 seconds until she either kills you or flies away.


if you think this nerf will kil dva then i hate to tell you this, you need to learn how to play her. dva’s matrix was nuts as how it was and this “nerf” rly doesnt do much to those that do play her well( meko)


Yeah, the pros and the casuals need, like, literally two different kinds of games. They make up only 1% of the player base.

The other 99% need a different version with different cooldowns and etc.


or you guys could learn how to play those char and then it wont matter. overwatch is meant to be hard, it’s not meant to pat you on the back and say," oh well at least you tried here’s a trophy". dva isn’t a front line tank and too many people in low elos still play her like one. she is an assassin tank and she does that well and this nerf isnt gonna stop those that use her like how she is made, this’ll only punish bad dva players and that’s it.


this is something ive been thinking about
dva is either very easy or too strong
ive been doing so good with her while ive never picked her before, and then i though shes either op and thus every one of her one tricks is boosted or she’s very easy and at high ranks it’s a lot harder to play her, but this patch makes me bent to the first one


Or you could see that the pros are 900% better than the other 99% of the fanbase.

That’s like making a game better suited for cats and only cats when cats and dogs can play it.
‘Fetch’ is now only suited for felines and dogs can no longer chase sticks.


they shouldn’t have to balance to make it easier for bad players to still be bad. i have played dva since season 2 and this nerf wont mess with the way i play her. its time that boosted dva’s get back down to their rank where they belong and this nerf again will only punish bad players.


Dm is what makes Dva good at higher ranks, though. At lower ranks its because shes a phat DPS who does a ton of damage, no?


yup and dm is still 2 seconds so it wont mess with the way high elos play her as long as they know how to play her

#11 is still going to be powerful for her tanking and utility, she’s just not going to have as powerful of a “pause” button. The problem with defense matrix is that it was far too versatile, it was too good at blocking every type of damage. By spamming it in short bursts, was able to eat a lot of trash damage that would have made a genuine difference had it landed, while still retaining the potential to eat up ultimates and other heavy-hitting attack. There was very little window for counterplay against defense matrix since, unless drains it all in one use, she could easily flash it back on to delete the damage she wants. She had far too much room to pick and choose what gets deleted.

I don’t think it was just goats that Blizzard wanted to nerf with, anyway. She’s a very good hero, she’s popular at all ranks, and defense matrix was a big reason for that. No one can compete with this utility she has. I don’t think DM was even intended to be flashed like the way it has been, especially considering that its first implementation had DM on a set time limit followed by a standard cooldown, regardless of how long she used it. It was intended to be an ability that provides a “burst” of protection, it was supposed to have impact moments versus universal applicability, say like Rein or Orisa’s barriers. However, in the state it became, it was just too good at all things.

I think players will have to relearn’s rhythm a bit, but realistically, it won’t hurt her as much as it might seem. D.vas will need to think more critically about when they use it, and it’s not going to be as useful in duels. Very likely she’ll always want to burn out her entire defense matrix, just to extend the time the enemy can’t/won’t fire. It’s certainly not the end of the world for her, she still has great mobility, a lot of health, and great damage output. Slightly squishier, sure, but her hardiness has been a little too good in the first place.


The DM nerf is barely a thing on its own, this should have been the change they put in instead of the previous reduction of DM from 4 seconds to 2 seconds. I am almost never using DM often enough to where a 2 second CD will be a problem, though I do think it should start recharging instantly when you stop using it, as the recharge delay and the longer CD make it feel clunky, as after the CD is up it’s still barely recharged at all.

What is going to kill D.Va on ladder is this nerf, plus the armor nerf at the same time. She’s losing some of her ability to peel, and her ability to face tank at the same time.

I’m sure she’ll be very strong at high levels, where an Ana who hits 90% of their shots can keep anything up, but everywhere else? No way. Plus, Zarya is already outperforming D.Va on ladder, and this patch buffs her and double nerfs D.Va? Like, how is that balancing anything? You don’t look at 2 heroes and then buff the stronger one and nerf the weaker one, at least, you don’t if you’re trying to make a good game to play, rather than desperately trying to make a game good to watch.

So I hope y’all loved Sniperwatch, because with Rein/Zarya the only viable option, and D.Va too weak to keep snipers in check, that’s all you’re going to get to play. I know I loved getting to wait to see which team had the better snipers while I basically did eff all all game.

Unless like 50 pros complain about it of course, then the millions of other players will get whatever changes they decide, again.


the guys who say this nerf will kill dva are the same that thought the bash nerfs would kill brigitte.
Lo and behold, she’s still a centerpiece of goats. Because the damage made bash good only for people that pick her and go solo trying to get kills. What makes it good at pro level is the short cd, long stun, big hitbox, no windup.


D.Va has always been one of the strongest ladder picks for every rank, not just at Pro level.
Heck this is her least impactful place yet in the game and she still is needed in GOATS and in the top picked heroes for all ranks.

She over-performs across the board, in any meta, at any rank. The nerf was a long time coming.


D.Va has a 50% win rate on ladder or near enough, is outperformed and outpicked by Zarya in every measureable metric at most levels of the game, and is the first hero swapped out from Goats.

She’s good and flexible but has not over-performed for a very very long time.


She is not the first swapped out from GOATS, a healer will be first and then likely a change to DOATS before you would run GOATS without D.Va.
As I said in my post, this is the first long standing Meta D.Va has been less than another off tank. But its irrelevant as she is still in a triple tank Meta.
Her win rates are at 51.23 compared to Zarya’s 50.97 so wrong again.

And again, this is her at her least powerful…
When GOATS gets nerfed via ptr changes, she will go back to being the must pick for mobility to pair and peel with DPS.


Uh, it’s the same character? To me, there isn’t a way barring a rework that would do that. If she’s ease of use based she’ll just get used more by pros regardless because of her near unrivaled utility and versatility.


You can’t do jack against tracer as of next patch because you can’t time your dm to her clips. You can’t do jack against zarya because you can fire a grav from 20 metres away now right into dva within this 2 sec window. It was hard to get a read on hanzo to eat most of his storm arrows before the nerf but now you’re just gonna get hit by the entire thing because it’s so easy to bait out dm. Soldier is gonna crap on dva because of armor nerf. McCree fth buff + armor nerf = dead mech if you dive on him.

Dva is dead next patch and you can tell these ‘you just need to git good’ morons have never touched the character.


ROFL. OW is the most casual friendly. shooter on the market.