Nerf moiras orb

Blizzard you have to make this nerf happen. i cant remember how many times i have died to just random moira orbs. Make them so they can only bounce on walls like 3-5 times instead of bouncing 1 billion times and randomly killing a Genji mercy or whatever the enemy is playing. Plz just give her a bit of a nerf. thx =)


I’d remove the mention of Genji if I where you…


Yeah we should nerf Tanks and supports more so dps Qs will become 20 min in every rank on avarage

Moira is strong against players who don’t quickly react to taking damage and who have poor positioning. It makes her feel really oppressive at lower ranks. If it makes you feel better, she’s not great in the mid ranks and struggles to get value above Plat. When I was in Bronze I tried to think of Moira orbs as awareness training.

I wouldn’t care in the slightest about queue times if the games were nice, but they’re utter garbage so is your argument

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I just had a half-hour queue so I wouldn’t mind this! :sweat_smile:

Yeah that 20 second tank queue is fantastic.

10 minutes is enough in my opinion. im in silver btw

At least make gengi deflect block the ball as it is coming towards him.

Um you know it’s takes very precise aim to use that thing right? Even pro players stick to playing widomaker and Mcree because they don’t have enough skill to aim that thing.

based on your first post, your rank wasn’t in question …

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i’m okay with nerfing her dmg, but increase her healing resource or HPS.

Everyone dies to Moira orb. If you haven’t learned to avoid it or minimize your encounter with it, it makes me concerned with how you treat Coronavirus reality. STAY AWAY FROM IT… :joy:

Moira is a hard Genji counter. Either learn to kill her or stay in silver…

:joy::joy::joy::joy: Priceless my guy…

ok. i am actually ranking up without having to deal with her. my biggst gameplay issue is overextending but i am getting better and better.
i can dodge it most times but the times where there is no escape can be a bit annoying.