Nerf Brigette already


Just lower her shield hp, she doesn’t need a 600hp shield that regens quickly.


The devs said they won’t lower the shield HP.




Did they fix the bug that allowed her to stun rein thru his shield?


No but she can easily walk her Swedish a** anywhere she wants to within the full radius of objective area, and flail to death whoever is “stupid enough to get in her range” by fighting on objectives and trying to win.


Here is the source…


Well they could reduce her healing over time.Right now flailing you once allows her to heal 16 hp for 5 seconds=80hp .She flails you three times and is up to full health while hiding behind her 600 hp shield.


Thanks. She wouldn’t really lose much tankiness if her shield health was 400 or 500. Their stubbornness will be their downfall with this game.


Technically from a business perspective, it’s better for blizzard to attract new players who will buy a new account and play a braindead auto-winning hero for a while, than it is for them to care about seasoned players who already bought an account and aren’t contributing anymore $, who are upset about the said braindead hero’s impact on the game overall. So i guess their stubbornness makes sense somehow


They will nerf her Shield Bash cooldown from 6 to 7 seconds. She is too good in 1v1 situation (like Bastion is) but this doesn’t make her op.


Shield start regen after 3-4 seconds because 2 seconds is too low


The problem is that is more hard to take down Brigitte compared to a tank


Thanks everyone! I was having difficulties with Brigitte, but now I know that I need to stop holding W and walking straight into the enemy team, which I did every single game ever! I’ll pass that on to everyone who’s having trouble with her in comp and giving her a 57% winrate.

I don’t even think she needs a nerf, but the people in this thread…


If you don’t walk into her she won’t charge her ult.


How brigitte makes me feel


Wait what? Do you think she actually heals 16hp for every hit per second?


No.One hit heals her for 5 seconds(16hp/sec)


Use. Her. Counters. .


Ooook… So, as you said, 80 HP in 5 seconds.
Let’s consider her at a low health: 100 HP (So 150 to heal)
She needs: Those 5 seconds. Hit, then another ~4 seconds.

Her shield allows her to escape (if not flanked) but Brigitte don’t have nearly enough potential to heal herself in the heat of battle. Brigitte have a lot to thank to other healers like most tanks.


Literally none.