Nerf Biotic grenade


And Defense matrix. And rein’s shield. And Winston’s Shield. And Orisa’s shield. And Deflect.


If anti nade got nerfed, healing would have literally no counters, and the only answer to Goats (which Zen is actually replacing Ana in Right now) is discord.

Anti nade is very strong, no doubt about that, but it has many counters and weaknesses


The game was fine when Ana wasn’t there, and it would be in a much better state if she was deleted.


How about no? I like that more.


I was wondering when people would start crying about a balanced game mechanic


Can’t believe you just compared blinks to rez lmao.


it is broken. Anna needs to go down just like that.

nade hard nerfed
nano nerfed
dart hard nerfed




40% pickrate in gm support.

BIG YES. You will see it in the next patches


Big No.

Also it’s Ana, not Anna.


She is the reason goats is still a thing. it’s coming… try to learn a hero that is no broken because…it’s coming! :blush:


She gets swapped out for Zen. She isn’t even a part of GOATS. Now stop making a fool out of yourself and maybe come up with any arguments or facts that support your statements other than:

“it is broken. Anna needs to go down just like that.”


Shoot ana, and she will use it on herself. Now she has a long cooldown and you can kill her


I love how once a hero becomes meta again everyone loses their minds and wants to nerf them. Despite hardly anything changing on their kit. BioNade hasn’t changed in like a year. Don’t you think if it was OP she would have always had a super high-pickrate? Her popularity didn’t change until recently, and it was because Mercy was toned down, and the support category got the buffs it needed.

Plus, Brigitte’s introduction helped against Dive, which is one of Ana’s biggest weaknesses.

The ignorance here is astonishing…


They’re just mad because they don’t know how to play her. Anyone who actually can play Ana knows how hard she is and how easy she is to shut down.


No need to nerf a balanced ability that do have many counters. Maybe you just need to practice more to learn how to be less affected by it.


sorry you are tilted dude. But it’s true. Ana is the mercy 2.0. Nade is broken and dart is broken also. And nano needs a a little nerf too, specially nano blade.

Zen is also op btw, he always was in fact. Discord is way too strong. Meta of the game is always defined in the support pool.

She is not just meta, she has an insane pickrate that you don’t want to consider. She is too oppresing right now. It’s not fair for the rest of supports. She is outhealing mercy and doing way more damage than her. Same with moira. That’s why she has the actual pickrate.

This meta also help her to be so oppresing as she is perfect to heal tanks.

Talking about heros getting hard nerfed just because they are meta…doom says hi!


Are you confused or something?

Ana is outhealed by Moira and Mercy across the board, and by like 2000+ healing. You’re such a troll, lol.

Go learn the play the hero before you complain about them. The fact you have a hidden profile is hilarious. Always the people who can’t play the hero that complains about them the most.


You know, if someone dies and then gets Resurrected, they are effectively cleansed.

The problem is that Resurrect involves too much risk and has too long of a cooldown to serve that purpose.


It wasn’t an ability comparison, it was a comparison of hero identities. Blinks and Recall are what make Tracer, Tracer. GA and Rez are what make Mercy, Mercy. And while I agree with this sentiment whole-heartedly, it’s gotten to where nobody will be happy until Rez is gone, and if Rez goes, Mercy will have to find a new identity.