Nerf Ball Hero!

Lucio counter Ball hero too hard!
Nerf Lucioball!

I will make it punch drunk.

I can actually hear Jeff’s voice when reading this!

This thread is gold, but your post Mr. Kaplan is top 500 GrandMasters. :joy: God I love Overwatch!

Just go Pharah.

Oh god. It bounces. :scream:

Wow, Jeff honoured me by answering a joking thread like this

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NEW lucioball skin confirmed.

i am just hoping he read my first post in this topic and the next hero will officially be called BallyMcBallFace

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He rolls too fast! Nerf it!

they see me rollin’, they nerfin’


it is kinds sad tbh.

It is indeed. Especially if you consider that it has NOT BEEN 100% since launch… ahh good old days when Rein’s and winston’s would run amok on a football field and ruin the fun for everyone

oh hi we played comp today

I mean… One guy got to play mccree in it somehow xD

Well at least he has a pickrate in some mode. He was apparently ‘too good’ to even have fun with in CTF, and he’s too garbage over procedural unintended powercreep nerfs for the last ~9 months to be played normally in regular games…so at least there is Lucioball.

Jokes on jokes over here.

So we can expect next Lucioball with not only Lucios?

what gender is ball?

It will be all hero-balls.

I beg you Mr Kaplan! Please put Lucio Ball in the game browser :*(